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What drives us

There are plenty of cruise sites and cruise blogs. Why do we of all people turn to this topic?

We want to clear up prejudices.

Because there are enough prejudices regarding cruises across all age groups and social classes. Again and again we hear ...

...Cruises are expensive

Sure, a vacation on the farm will probably be cheaper. However, if you take the trouble to analyze the price / performance ratio of cruises in the large ship segment, the bill is in favor of a cruise. We anticipate that we will not generally write about 5 * luxury ships at this point. It's the exceptions that prove the rule.

...Cruises are for old people

On our ocean cruises, we regularly encountered the entire spectrum of human society. From toddlers to 88-year-olds, everything was represented. Everyone was having fun on ships.

...there are so many people in a small space

This feeling is on the one hand a question of attitude and on the other hand a topic of statistics. - Regarding the attitude: Especially on days at sea, the view of the fellow travelers is sharpened. It's not so easy to escape them on days like this. However, nobody is forced to surrender to the animation on the pool deck. Every ship offers the guest quiet corners in which he can comfortably and undisturbed experience a day at sea. - The statistics show that the bigger the ships get, the more people they can take on board, the more m² of space is available to the individual.

...Cruises require an upscale clothing style

It is true that questions of etiquette determine our lives. Some appreciate the captain's reception for the captain's dinner. The others like it casual. Some feel comfortable in a suit and tuxedo. The others prefer one of the well-known German club ships or a freestyle cruising offer from other shipping companies. Those who find it too posh in the restaurant with service go to the buffet restaurant and enjoy the high quality of the food there.

...What should I do with my child on a cruise?

Do not worry. On ships, children of all ages are offered suitable, age-appropriate clubs. Children are in good hands on board. You don't lack anything!

...Cruises are not safe

Cruise ships are one of the safest places on earth. In the article Dangers on the cruise ship we give an overview of possible risks.

We promote cruises

We promote this type of travel. Our main arguments for boat travel are:

We get to know a lot about the world

... in a comfortable and very pleasant way. Depending on the route, our floating hotel takes us from city to city, country to country and continent to continent.

We like to move in a well-groomed environment

... none of the ships booked so far has disappointed us. All ships were great. Of course, there are always differences in terms of equipment. However, the traveler can experience the different things in advance and make them his criterion for choosing the “right” cruise.

We are well looked after

... we only see and experience a comparable room service on land in the 5 * hotel. The other services provided by hotel operations on board a ship leave nothing to be desired.

We like to eat and eat well

... on board a ship we are well looked after.

We don't just want to visit one port at a time

   on board a ship we can relax according to our ambitions. So far we have always succeeded.

We want to be entertained well

... the entertainment on board is large and varied. We enjoy the shows, which are mostly of an outstanding level. We take part in readings. Learning about things that we haven't looked at before.

And something else drives us:

We are individualists. It would bother us to call at a port of destination without knowing what to expect there. We don't love to be put on a tour bus and be part of a routine, no matter how well practiced. We prepare thoroughly before embarking on a sea voyage. It doesn't matter whether we leave the ship in Antwerp or the port of Bridgetown, we know what to expect. - We want to write about ships too. Our friends know and prefer other ships. Everyone who wants will report here. We offer you, dear reader, the opportunity to participate in these cruise experiences.

We are independent

We attach great importance to our journalistic independence. Costs that we incur in connection with our research, travel and reports are borne by us personally.

Invitations to sponsored trips are expressly noted in the text. If we are invited to on-board events or ship tours, this will be highlighted in the reporting.