A day in Guadeloupe

Cruise ships, their destination Guadeloupe is run the port of Punchlineà-Pitre, the largest city Guadeloupes, at. The city is the economic center of the 1.628 km² French overseas department. The greater Pointe-à-Pitre area should have around 100.000 inhabitants. From the ship, the inclined crusader gains a first impression of the city. As far as can be seen, two-story houses dominate the cityscape. In the vicinity of the pier, some high-rise buildings give the cityscape any character.

Guadeloupe - The first impressionGuadeloupe - The second impression

Guadeloupe's shape is reminiscent of a butterfly. Therefore it is also used by tourism advertising Butterfly Island called. The two butterfly wings Basse Terre (in the west) and Grande Terre (to the east), are separated from each other by the Rivière Salée, a narrow inlet that is only 50 meters wide. Basse-Terre is of volcanic origin with remarkably high mountains inland. Grande-Terre, on the other hand, is based on sand-lime brick. This part of the island is relatively flat. The center of the hotel and tourism industry is in Grande-Terre. Basse-Terre feeds on its nature.

For the temporary cruise tourist, Guadeloupe is not suitable for bathing and sunbathing. The island offers only a few destinations that guests can easily reach within a day. These goals want to be discovered. As so often, we were on board the cruise ship, we traveled with it Mein Schiff, no tour booked. On our agenda were the Guadeloupe National Park and the city Punchlineà-Pitre.

Guadeloupe National Park

We rightly trusted the travel agents and taxi drivers waiting at the pier. Following a recommendation, we decided to go on a morning excursion to the national park. The Cascade aux Ecrevisses, a waterfall with a small lake, attracted us. A taxi was found quickly. The destination was discussed and after a certain waiting time, the driver waited for a while for passengers, we started. About 30 minutes later he reached his destination, parked the car and made an appointment with us for the return trip.

An excellently laid out path leads from the large parking lot to the actual destination. The path is laid out so that both wheelchair users and children can use it easily. After a rather short walk, past unknown trees and plants, we stood by the lake and the waterfall. We have certain ideas about a waterfall. The Cascade aux Écrevisses does not live up to this claim. However, the visitors present and some bathers had enough fun. That didn't apply to us. The mixture of water and botany is right, but we are of the opinion that this excursion is a treat for yourself. The waterfall is not worth the 20 euro fare per person. A little disappointed, we were driven back to the ship to then explore Pointe-à-Pitre.

Guadeloupe - jungle pathGuadeloupe - Orderly Tropical RainforestGuadeloupe - Cascade aux Ecrevisses


The small, well-made Croisières terminal is not too far from the center. Along the dead straight Rue Achille René boisneuf we went towards the city center. The houses seem morbid and marked by the ravages of time. There is a lot to renovate here. The fact is that Pointe-à-Pitre has no comparison with Fort-de-France withstands on Martinique.

Guadeloupe - morbid charm

At the end of the path, the rue Boisneuf meets a harbor basin where smaller ships dock. Here, at Marché Darse, is the open market hall. In front of it, directly on the quay, are the fishmongers' stalls. If you have the Catch of the Day exempt, they conveniently dispose of the fish's innards immediately in the harbor basin. Much to the delight of the frigate birds circling over the harbor, who pounce on this easy prey. Up close we could see how big these wonderful fliers are and what kind of ugly birds they are actually.

Guadeloupe - Catch of the day Guadeloupe - The frigate birds lurk

Opposite the harbor basin is the spacious one Victory Square, at the edge of which mighty trees provide shade. You can relax under the trees and have a drink in one of the street cafés. From here it is not far to the cathedral, the small, bright one Basilica of St Pierre et St Paul. The church has been built around an iron skeleton to protect against earthquakes and hurricanes. So far it has helped. Opposite the cathedral is the Courthouse.

Guadeloupe - Shade on Place de la VictoireGuadeloupe - The CathedralGuadeloupe - main nave of the cathedral

Back to the ship it went through Rue Henri IV The street is just as straight as rue Boisneuf. That's because of the way Pureeée Schoelcher (Rue Peynier). It is Victor Schoelcher dedicated, who became a fighter against slavery in the mid-19th century after staying in Cuba and other places.

Guadeloupe - Schoelcher Museum

As below Guadeloupe - Sights running, the island is not riddled with attractions. All in all, we enjoyed our stay on the island. It was worth getting to know the island on two such different excursions. Even if the impressions we gained didn't seem spectacular to us, we still don't want to miss them.

(Karl Beyer)

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