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The preparation for the trip already led to the realization in Germany that Guadeloupe offers the day guest little worth seeing, that in the hours when the ship is in the port of Pointe-à-Pitre is within easy reach. When selecting the “highlights”, care was taken to identify destinations that can be reached individually on foot or by taxi upon arrival in Guadeloupe.

Places worth seeing and visiting are:

  • Cascade aux Ecrevisses
  • Marche La Darse
  • Place de la Victore
  • Basilica of St Pierre et St Paul
  • Schoelcher Museum

The first goal is in Guadeloupe National Park located. The following four in Pointe-a-Pitre.

Cascade aux Ecrevisses im Guadeloupe National Park

The Parc National de la Guadeloupe was established on the western butterfly wing, the Basse-Terre. One of the most beautiful rainforests in the Antilles is presented to the visitor on 17.300 hectares. Botanists have counted impressive tree ferns and more than 300 other tree and shrub species. For fearful hearts, it should be said that there are no poisonous animals on Guadeloupe. They have no business here.

A popular destination in the national park and recommended in many travel guides is the Cascade aux Ecrevisses. The waterfall can be reached after a 30-minute journey with the shared taxi. These taxis wait for passengers at the cruise port. The path to the waterfall and the small swimming lake is also manageable for wheelchair users and parents with small children. The path is in excellent condition. The waterfall itself is not spectacular. However, the mix of forest and water is attractive.

Guadeloupe - In the national park Guadeloupe - Cascade aux Ecrevisses



Recommended destinations for a city tour are ...

  • Guadeloupe - Marché La Darsefor Marche La Darse. In the harbor basin at La Darse, water taxis and excursion boats that go to the neighboring islands dock. A covered, permanent market offers the essentials of life. Fish stalls along La Darse attract shoppers, tourists and the frigate birds that hunt for scraps of fish.

  • Guadeloupe - Place de la Victoirecan Place de la Victore. It starts behind La Darse. The round, strictly geometrically laid out square is meant to be a reminder of bygone colonial times, when the French defeated the British in the battle for possession of Guadeloupe.

  • Guadeloupe - Cathedralthe somewhat inconspicuous one Basilica of St Pierre et St Paul. The centrally located cathedral was built over an iron skeleton. This special construction should counteract the risk of collapse in the event of earthquakes and hurricanes. So far it has worked. A look into the nave is worth seeing.

  • Guadeloupe - Schoelcher Museumand the Schoelcher Museum. In this place will Victor Schoelchers thought, who had already made a significant contribution to the liberation of slaves from France in the 19th century.


Two other attractive places:

  • The Rum Museum in Sainte Rose. Distilled in the north of Basse-Terre near Sainte Rose Rhyming qu the material moisture meter shows you the Rhum Agricole made from pure, freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. A rum museum and an extensive insect and butterfly collection are also presented. After a 30-minute drive you can reach the unspoilt settlement.
  • The Pointe de Chateaux is 40 km from Pointe-à-Pitre. This is already the limit of what should be done on your own initiative in Guadeloupe during a cruise. The punch line is the “Landsend” of Guadeloupe in the southeast of the eastern butterfly wing, blown by the storm. The view of the cliffs and the island belonging to Guadeloupe Désirade is unique.

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