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Hong Kong attractions

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In Hong Kong, opposites come together that make a stay particularly interesting. Chinese traditions, the colonial influence of the British and modern architecture in a spectacular landscape make Hong Kong a fascinating city. But above all is Hong Kong full of sights, some of which we want to introduce.

The sights in the Central District on Hong Kong Island

The Central District is Hong Kong's financial and business center. Here you will find the famous skyscrapers that form the world-famous skyline when viewed from Kowloon. At the same time, however, Central is one of the oldest districts and stands for the contrasts that meet in Hong Kong: past and present, tradition and modernity, east and west.

Hong Kong Island - Central Pier and Maritime Museum

Hong Kong Island - Central Pier and Maritime Museum

Victoria Peak and Peak Tram

The best way to get an overview of Hong Kong and the surrounding islands is from Victoria Peak. At 550 meters, the peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. The best way to get up is by taking the Peak Tram, a funicular that is one of the steepest in the world. The 7-minute drive past the skyscrapers is a very special experience. On top of the Victoria Peak is the Peak Tower with shops, restaurants and a 360 ° viewing platform. We recommend the 3,2 kilometer circular route around the peak, which offers the most beautiful views of Hong Kong, the sea and the smaller islands. This view makes the peak one of the top sights in Hong Kong.

View from Victoria Peak

View from Victoria Peak

Peak Tram: Garden Road valley station, Central; Price 2024: HK$88 (Return)

Old meets new in the Central District

In Hong Kong Central, the modern skyscrapers of the financial and business world are worth seeing. For example the Bank of China building, which is reminiscent of a crystal due to its geometrically structured shape.

Hong Kong - Governor's Palace
Hong Kong - high-rise buildings behind the Governor's Palace
Hong Kong - St. John's Cathedral
Hong Kong - St. John's Cathedral - Nave

Representing the buildings of colonial Hong Kong, we recommend two sights near the base station of the Peak Tram: Government House, which is only open to visitors twice a year, and St. John's Cathedral, a retreat in the middle of the skyscraper jungle. Right next door is Hong Kong Park, a green oasis between all the skyscrapers. The beautiful garden with winding paths and watercourses was created in 1991 on the site of a former British garrison. Flagstaff House, which is now the Tea Museum, dates back to colonial times.

Water area in Hong Kong Park

Water area in Hong Kong Park

Shopping in Central

Old and new also apply when shopping. Around Statue Square or on Queens Road you can find all the brand and designer stores you can imagine. The street markets form the contrast: here the residents of the district buy fruit, vegetables, poultry and fish. Hollywood Road or Upper Lascar Row is home to small, tourist-popular shops offering everything from antiques, crafts and jewelry to knick-knacks.

Double-deck tram and the longest outdoor escalator in the world

We also meet old and new in local public transport. The double-decker tram, which has been in operation since 1904, travels across the Central District. It is affectionately called "Dingding". The tram cars were built on the model of the Blackpool tram.

Hong Kong's double deck tram

Hong Kong's double deck tram

They are updated regularly and are considered safe. You shouldn't miss a trip. You get in at the back and out at the front. A unit price applies and you pay when you exit. Important: Have the right coins available, there is no change.

Price 2024 per trip - no matter how long: HK $ 3

The longest outdoor escalator in the world, or rather the longest escalator system, has been connecting Hong Kong Central with the Mid-Levels since 1993. This is a residential area halfway up Victoria Peak. The Central Mid-Levels Escalator is completely covered. With a length of 800 meters, it overcomes 135 meters in altitude. A full trip takes 20 minutes. The Escalator is the perfect means of transport in this densely populated area. The escalators go down until 10:00 in the morning and go up the rest of the day. Use is free of charge. Next to it there is a normal path with stairs for those who want to go in the other direction.

Hong Kong's outdoor escalator
Hong Kong's Outdoor Escalator - Mid Level
Hong Kong's center
Facades in central Hong Kong

As with the tram, the same applies here: a visitor must try out some sections of these escalators. The view of the side streets and the small shops, tailor shops, bars and cosmetic studios along the way is always surprising.

Hong Kong's sights around Victoria Bay

Victoria Bay is world-famous for its breathtaking panoramic view - especially in the evening and at night - of the skyline of Hong Kong Island: A silhouette of skyscrapers standing close together and covered with neon signs with Victoria Peak as a background.

Victoria Bay as the center of urban Hong Kong

Victoria Bay lies between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon and forms the center of the urban area of ​​Hong Kong. The name comes from the time when Hong Kong was still an English crown colony. Victoria Harbor is a natural ocean harbor protected by the surrounding mountains. There are several terminals around the port that offer trips within the port area, to the surrounding islands, as well as to mainland China and Macau.

Central Pier

Central Pier

With the Star Ferry across Victoria Bay

A number of road and rail tunnels connect Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Nevertheless, trips on the old Star Ferry boats are very popular. The green and white boats have been traveling between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island since 1888 and are considered one of Hong Kong's symbols. A ride costs HK$5 to HK$6,5 and is an experience. For Hong Kong visitors, the trip is a must because of the beautiful views. In the evening you can take a ferry ride to see the Symphony of Light. Every evening at eight o'clock many buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbor are illuminated with lights and lasers. The light show is accompanied by a soundtrack from the Hong Kong Philharmonic and has now become one of the metropolis's attractions.

Boardwalks and lookouts on Victoria Bay

Victoria Bay has boardwalks, lookouts, and beautiful waterfront spots that attract residents and tourists alike.

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

On Hong Kong Island, for example, the colonial buildings on the Central Pier have been extensively restored. In addition to gastronomic establishments, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum is also located there. On the forecourt is a 60 meter high Ferris wheel with 42 cabins. Each cabin can accommodate 8 people. A promenade leads to Golden Bauhinia Square, about 1 ½ kilometers away. The Bauhinia orchid is the symbol of Hong Kong and symbolizes the reunification with China.

Next to the Star Ferry Pier in Kowloon is the Ocean Terminal, where smaller cruise ships are handled. A viewing platform was built on the roof, which is surrounded by water on three sides. The Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade also begins at the pier. It leads from the Clock Tower, the 44 meter high tower of the former Kowloon-Canton train station, to the Hung Hom district. The promenade always runs along Victoria Bay.

Hong Kong - the Kowloon Clocktower

Hong Kong - the Kowloon Clocktower

Further east in the Kai Tak district, a new cruise terminal was built on the runway of the airport that closed in 1998. It protrudes more than 3 kilometers like a natural pier into the middle of Victoria Harbor. The terminal was designed by the British architect Norman Foster and is not only an eye-catcher from afar. The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park is located on the multi-storey facility. The largest roof garden in Hong Kong with 23.000 m² also includes a generously dimensioned viewing platform. There are regular ferry services to Kai Tak from North Point on Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong - Kai Tak Cruise Terminal
Plants on the roof of the Kai Tak Terminal
Flag decorations at Kai Tak Terminal
Kai Tak Terminal - roof level

From all lookout points and promenades one has overwhelming panoramic views of Victoria Bay, Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.

Hong Kong's attractions in Kowloon

Kowloon is Hong Kong's shopping, arts and entertainment district.

Right behind the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, those inquisitive will find high-class culture and museums: the Hong Kong Cultural Center with concert hall and galleries, the art museum, the Space Museum with a virtual planetarium and the New World Center.

In addition, sculptures by well-known Chinese actors are presented on the Avenue of the Stars.

Hong Kong - Kowloon Harbor City
Hong Kong - The Peninsula Hotel Kowloon
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Sculpture group at the Hong Kong Cultural Center

Nathan Road stands for the commercial center. Here and in the side streets there are market after market and shopping center after shopping center. In the traditional markets, the range of goods ranges from fruit and vegetables to flowers and goldfish to clothing and jewelry. At the Temple Street Night Market in Yau Ma Tei, goods are offered at dusk. The market is like a folk festival. The Ladies Market in Mong Kok is around one kilometer long. The name is based on the amount of clothing, accessories, cosmetics that are offered there, especially for women. All imaginable brands and products can be found in the shopping centers.

In between are the soup kitchens, restaurants and snack stands, rarely more than 50 meters apart. At any time of the day, people push their way through the streets. A visitor here must not be claustrophobic.

However, you can find peace and relaxation in Kowloon Park, which lies between Nathan Road and Victoria Harbor in the middle of the urban canyons. The 13 hectare site includes several gardens, playgrounds, sports facilities and even a swimming pool. Bird Lake, home to pink flamingos, mandarin ducks and many other bird species, and the Chinese garden with a pagoda and lotus pond are particularly beautiful. Kowloon Park was laid out in 1970 on the site of a former British barracks and is open from early in the morning until midnight.

Good bye Hong Kong

Good bye Hong Kong

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