Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico-San JuanPuerto Rico, the easternmost of the Greater Antilles Islands, is a strange political construct. The Free State, which consists of the main island and a few small secondary islands, is associated with the USA.

Citizens of Puerto Rico are US citizens. The head of state is the US President. However, Puerto Rico is not a US state.

The area of ​​the archipelago corresponds to almost 9.000 km², two and a half times the area of ​​Mallorca. About 3,8 million people live on the mountainous island with its rainforests and desert areas. Most of them in the region San Juan. 440.000 people live here in the island's capital alone. Where do they actually live? The city looks quite compact and manageable

Puerto Rico - Fortaleza StThe visitor to San Juan gets the impression that the city looks quite affluent compared to other regions of the Caribbean. With a gross domestic product of almost US $ 20.000 per capita, this is no wonder.

Puerto Rico - Cruise Ships in San JuanWhat promotes this relative prosperity? What is produced here, what services are provided? Important economic factors include the production of agricultural products and fishing. The outstanding and world-famous island product is the Bacardi rum. One of the most important ports in Latin America is the seaport of San Juan. US cruise ships in particular regularly dock here. The port industry and tourism participate equally in this. Tourism has meanwhile become an essential economic factor. And last but not least, massive amounts of infrastructure and US subsidies for health care are flowing into Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico - Outlet StoreIf San Juan, Puerto Rico, is on the ship plan, this is a good starting point. The city alone offers its guests enough sights. Fashion aficionados are advised that one (s) and one woman in some Outlet shops In Old San Juan an excellent, affordable offer especially American designer brands finds. We tested it. It's really worth shopping here.

Cruise ships in San JuanCruise ships in San Juan




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