Saint Petersburg Individual Tours

Visit to the Great Catherine Palace

Garden side of the Catherine PalaceAlthough we generally tend to go on individual excursions, we booked two organized excursions in Saint Petersburg for visa and language reasons. The first takes us by bus to the Catherine Palace in Pushkin. We are accompanied by a brisk, German-speaking tour guide who makes it fun to talk about her compatriots while driving through the large, unmanageable industrial port of Saint Petersburg.

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City tour with Peter and Paul Fortress

Hermitage complexIn the afternoon at two o'clock the bus is ready for a city tour at the cruise terminal. The program also includes a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress on "Rabbit Island". Our guide from the morning, see “Saint Petersburg - Visit to the Great Catherine Palace”, accompanies us again. Even before the tour begins, it is clear to us that we will only see a small selection of the top sights of Sankt Peterburg.

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