Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor -The waterfront

On the east coast of the United States are the six so-called New England States. One of these states is the 91.000 km² state Maine. The most northeastern state in the USA has almost as much area as the five other New England states combined. Just 15 people live in one square kilometer of the sparsely populated country.

Forests that seem endless, countless lakes and many rivers give the country a special character. The largest city is Portland and it has only 63.000 inhabitants. In the state capital Augusta only 20.000 people live. All in all, these are very tranquil conditions. So it is not surprising that the state advertises “Welcome to Maine - The way life should be”.

Bar Harbor cliffs in Acadia National Park

“The way life should be” is what nature lovers probably feel and love. National panorama roads, nature trails and the huge, more than 8.000 kilometers long, rugged coastline give nature lovers lasting impressions. There are countless islands off the coast. One of the offshore islands is the 280 km², which is connected to the mainland by a dam Mount Desert Island. Large areas of Mount Desert Island are for the Acadia National Park reserved. It alone attracts around 2,5 million visitors a year. The highest mountain on the island is 470 meters high CadillacMountain. This mountain is said to be the point in the USA that the rays of the rising sun hit first.

Bar Harbor - Cliff formations in Acadia National Park

The largest and most famous city on the island with just 5.000 inhabitants Bar Harbor. It is a posh resort that is popular with members of the East Coast upper class. And not only the beautiful and rich are drawn to the city. On an annual average, five million tourists are captured by the charm of the small town. The most famous among the visitors in 2010 was then US President Obama.

Bar Harbor - Bed and Breakfast - The Yellow House

Bar Harbors tranquil, small harbor is just suitable for boats of the lobster fishermen and the fleet of excursion boats. In 2014, more than 80 cruise lines will have called the city. The ships anchor in the vast Frenchman Bay. The ship's passengers are brought ashore in tender boats. The drive to the city pier is leisurely and only takes a few minutes. What to see and do in Bar Harbor, read below Bar Harbor Attractions and A day in Bar Harbor.    

 Bar Harbor - tender operation



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