Barbados attractions

I'm going to Barbados and then? What to do? The 430 km² large Caribbean island offers the cruiser enough attractions to conduct intensive "field research" there for several days. The traditional day stop of a cruise ship is nothing more than a taster course, a snapshot, so to speak. Therefore, it is particularly important to deal with sights and possible activities in advance. Even at first glance, the range is extremely rich.

Cruise ships dock in the cruise terminal of Bridgetown. For this reason alone, it makes sense to first turn to the capital of the island state. All you need to explore Bridgetown is warm clothing and a pair of good shoes. The cruise port is less than two kilometers from the center of the city. This should make the main stations of Bridgetown easy to reach for most cruise liners. In the other case there are also enough taxis that take the guest to the center for 3 to 5 US $. In Barbados, taxi fares are officially set and posted. So get informed beforehand, then there is nothing to complain about afterwards.

Barbados - riverside walkHowever, we approach Bridgetown on foot, on a riverside path that partly runs along the sea.




Attractions in the center of Bridgetown

The careenage. So the mouth of the Constitution Rivers designated. A pleasant promenade with a view of various yachts, small cargo ships and the well-known opposite Waterfront Cafeé offers, leads along the Careenage.

Barbados - ParliamentHeroes Square
The National Heroes Square called central square. It was still called Trafalgar Square in older maps and descriptions.

Parliament Buildings
Those built in the neo-Gothic style Parliament Buildings. Here is the seat of the two houses of parliament.

Barbados - Nelson MonumentNelson Monument
The one built and inaugurated in 1813 Nelson Monument

Barbados-The PledgeChamberlain Bridge and National Pledge of Barbados
The Chamberlain Bridge with the Independence Arch and the column with the National Pledge of Barbados (Pledge = pledge of loyalty).

Barbados - St. Michaels CathedralSt Michaels Cathedral
The one made of coral stone and looking quite dark inside St Michaels Cathedral.

 The most eye-catching feature of Bridgetown visitors are the modern, functional buildings of banks and companies. It is easy to overlook the fact that the city has important buildings of British colonial architecture. This is probably why the entire old town of Barbados became the World Heritage Site explained.

shopaholics stay in Bridgetown. Whether it's a Swiss watch or just a Swiss knife, cosmetics or designer fashion, Barbados has it all. The interesting shopping addresses are in the broad street. You shouldn't expect too much from the road itself. From the shops all the more.

Beaches Barbados

If you want to go to the beach on a Caribbean cruise, we think you are in good hands on the long city beach of Bridgetown. A beach day on the Carlisle bay to spend is definitely recommended. The beach stretches from the parking lot on Pier Head Lane (near Careenage) to the Barbados Hilton. In the Bay Street area, sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented for a few US $.

Other renowned beaches are the Accra beach south of Bridgetown at the Accra Hotel (approx. 7 km from the Cruise Terminal) and the one a little further south Sandy beach, 9 km from the Cruise Terminal. It's nice here, as this video shows us.



The one, which is unfortunately not too long, is also very pretty Crane Beach on the south coast. It is popular because of its pink coloring and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Because of the more than 20 km distance to the Cruise Harbor, this destination should probably be avoided.

More sights in Barbados and excursions

Water sports enthusiasts among us cruisers, actually we are all indestructible water sports enthusiasts, why else would we go on a cruise ship, can we have fun in other ways. For example, snorkeling with turtles or catamaran sailing. Addresses for this are Calabaza Sailing or Tiami Catamaran Cruises, the z. B. Offer 5-hour tours including pick-up at the port. Neither of these are cheap, but far better than the bulk catamaran tours offered by the cruise lines.

Who is more interested in history and stories is in Barbados Museum & Historical Society in good hands. It's less than 5 miles from the cruise pier to the museum that tries to bring the past to life. A café and a small shop complete the entertaining offer.

Provide a more complete overview of Barbados' attractions Best of Barbados tourssuch as those from Glory tours, St Michael.



Hikers look at the range of Trekkers Hike & Cave Adventures, St Thomas, um. The operator offers easy-to-manage hikes in different regions of the island. Especially the cave system Cole's Cave did it to the organizer.

We find those from very interesting, yes funny Segway of Barbados, St Michael, Bridgetown, organized Segway tours with Segway off-road models along the east coast. In addition to the fun ride on an off-road Segway, spectacular panoramas and a refreshing drink are offered here. Rum punch is given after the deed is done! The pleasure starts from 48 euros upwards. Transport to and from the port will of course be provided.

Anyone who always wants to know what it was like on a sugar plantation 200 or 300 years ago will gain such insights during the Sunbury Plantation House Tour conveyed. All rooms of the manor house are released for inspection. A carriage exhibition rounds off the visit. Sunbury Plantation House is in the interior of the island at St Philip, 18 km from the harbor. The facility is open every day. The Courtyard bar and restaurant offers the visitor refreshments and meals. The first tour starts in the morning at 9.00:4.30am, the last one starts at XNUMX:XNUMXam

There are enough individual excursion possibilities. We are close to the island tour operators in Barbados via the Internet. Let's just dare to do something on our own. Professional services are guaranteed.