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A day in Bridgetown

Barbados - A day in BridgetownAs below Attractions carried out, Barbados gives us guests ample opportunity to learn about the island's attractions and to practice certain activities. More than the visitor can do in one vacation.

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A day in Barbados

Barbados - state flagEverything was planned. The direct flight started in Frankfurt and in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, we would move into a hotel for one day, rent a car and board the the next day P&O Ventura go. It would not start for an Atlantic crossing in the direction of Southampton until the following day. So far so good. Unfortunately it turned out differently than we thought. We missed our plane, had to get up Caribbean Airlines to rebook, learned this way the airport London Gatwick and then that of Port of Spain on Trinidad before we could board our ship late in the evening the following day.

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