A day in Bridgetown, Barbados

As below Barbados attractions Barbados gives us guests ample opportunity to get to know the island's attractions and to practice certain activities. More than the visitor can do in one vacation. We crusaders are doing really badly because we have to do our workload in just one day. And we don't always want to fill one day with an island tour. The author confesses at this point that he is following a fixed idea from his youth, only Bridgetown want to see. In this case he is indifferent to beaches and landscape. Most crusaders may fare differently.

The ship's command put the helmsmen to work last night. When we get up, lies Mein Schiff neatly moored in the Bridgetown harbor basin. The ship is no longer moving. Only the crew moves on board. Apart from our cruiser, Bridgetown has no other ship on the agenda today.

Around 9.00am in the morning we leave Mein Schiff and happen Welcome Centre at the head of the harbor basin. We were told that there are an estimated 80.000 people in the greater Bridgetown area. The actual city center with its approx. 8.000 inhabitants is rather small. The distance between the port and the center is therefore manageable. Barbados has excellent transport connections. Taking a taxi or a bus seems superfluous to us under the conditions of a short distance. We decide to take the footpath.

Barbados - state flag

Soon after leaving the cruise terminal, we find ourselves on a waterfront promenade where palm trees, hibiscuses, frangipani and other trees we don't know sporadically provide shade. In the area close to the city, the route leads us past commercial properties that block our view of the fishing port. The beautiful path along the sea is over.

Barbados - Frangipani

At the Wharf Road, d. H. in the careenage, a small harbor basin, we step onto a well-tended boardwalk. We continue on it towards the center. In the harbor basin there are sport boats, excursion catamarans and fishing boats. Opposite we see the well-known and known tourist magnet on Cavans Lane Waterfront Cafeé.

Barbados - Brigetown Wharf

At the height of the National Heroes Square let's go over that Chamberlain Bridge and see us first of all Independence Arch and The Pledge, the statue with the public oath of loyalty to the citizens. From here, we are only about half an hour away, it would only be a few minutes' walk to the fine sandy beach of the Carlisle bay. But today we don't want to take a bath because we have already showered.

The way back goes over the Chamberlain Bridge, which dates back to 1872. We cross the National Heroes Square and stand in front of the neo-Gothic style built Parlament. Whoever wants can do that here Museum of Parliament & National Heroes Gallery visit. We are less interested in that, we enjoy the classical architecture of the parliament buildings more. Our next destination is the Anglican, about 250 meters away St Michael's Cathedral. Compared to Canterbury Cathedral, the building looks like a church. But a cathedral remains a cathedral. Inside it is a bit dim, a lot of wood, a few stained glass windows and an awesome atmosphere.

Barbados - Parliament

Barbados - main nave of the cathedral

We have to go back to National Heroes Square one more time. Here is the Nelson statue from the year 1813 or 1815, the details vary. The fact is that this bronze statue of the English naval hero almost 30 years before the much better known statue on the Trafalgar Square was built in London.

That would be the thing worth seeing in Bridgetown "checked off". We wander the streets a little longer. Historic buildings alternate with modern functional buildings. We don't really miss chain stores like those we see regularly in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Instead, it is the small shops and businesses that compete here for customers. The easiest way is for the fruit traders. They put their fruit in front of the shop on the street. It is better there. - How about that now Duty free paradise of Barbados out? We can find out more about this when we visit Broad street, the main street of Bridgetown. Here banks, department stores and duty-free shops determine the picture. And here we will find the familiar shop names that tempt you to buy on other Caribbean islands.

Barbados - street scene

We come to the end. We saw what we wanted to see. There is still enough time left from the day. We could easily see other highlights of the island. However, we are ill-prepared and we have no alternative plans today. That won't happen to us next time. Our conclusion: Bridgetown is worth seeing, but we are a bit disappointed. Perhaps we should have organized a tour of the island or went to the beach?



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