The metropolis of Boston is the largest city in the six New England states and is also the capital of the US state of Massachusetts. The port city located on the bay of the same name is considered by experts to be one of the most attractive and livable communities in the United States.

Boston – Interesting facts

According to official figures, more than 2022 people lived in Boston in 650.000. But that's not all: the Greater Boston metropolitan region has almost five million inhabitants. 

The city was founded in September 1630 after the influx of Puritan British settlers. The name was based on an English town of the same name. The Puritans at that time were characterized by strict self-discipline and the renunciation of pleasures and diversions. The mindset gave rise to the need for work, fear of God and education. Virtues that, according to hearsay, still shape the people of Boston and the surrounding area today. It is therefore not surprising that the first American university, Harvard University, was founded in 1636 in the neighboring city of Cambridge.

Boston - King's ChapelBoston - King's Chapel

The New England states were subordinate to the British Crown and required to pay taxes to England. After the British Parliament decided to increase the tea tax, violent protests broke out. The protests that took place in December 1773 under the name “Boston Tea Party” were the initial spark of the American War of Independence.

Boston - Old State HouseBoston - Old State House

Boston – the economic, scientific and cultural center of Massachusetts

The Boston metropolitan area is the economic and technological center of the state and far beyond. In 2014, the Greater Boston area ranked 300th out of 360 cities worldwide in purchasing power-adjusted gross domestic product at $26 billion.

The more than 30 universities, above all Harvard University and MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are crucial to the economic structure of the greater Boston area. On the one hand, the universities are among the largest employers in the region; on the other hand, they are crucial for the settlement of many high-tech companies. The IT and biotechnology sectors in particular are interesting employers. Companies in the defense technology sector play a similarly important role.

Boston - High-rise buildings at HaymarketBoston - High-rise buildings at Haymarket

Global companies have their headquarters in Boston. Those in the finance, insurance and real estate industries are of great importance. In 2018, Boston took third place in the ranking of the most important financial centers in the USA, after New York and San Francisco.

Boston has good transport connections. The port is one of the top five ports on the US East Coast, and Boston Logan International Airport celebrated its 2023th anniversary in October 100. On an annual average, 30 million airline passengers use the six terminals.

Boston logan airportBoston logan airport

Boston's diverse cultural landscape is closely linked to the city's almost 400-year history. The city has countless museums and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, one of the world's leading orchestras. The city is also the seat of a Catholic archdiocese.

Flynn Cruiseport Boston – destination for cruise ships

In 1986, cruise ships called into Boston's harbor for the first time. In its inaugural season, Flynn Cruiseport Boston, located in the Seaport District, welcomed 13 ships. The number of passengers is given as 11.723. The port has experienced respectable development since 1986. In 2022, in the first post-Corona year, Boston recorded 128 ship visits, including twelve first calls. The number of passengers exceeded 300.000. Boston acts as both a departure and arrival port to destinations in Bermuda and the Caribbean as well as a stopover for cruises along the east coast of America and Canada.

Boston's Black Falcon TerminalBoston's Black Falcon Terminal

Boston is well suited for self-guided shore excursions. We recommend taking bus lines 4 or 7 to South Station (bound toward Boston Common). There we leave the bus and walk through Summer Street, which is partly a pedestrian zone, to the Boston Common park. The “Freedom Trail” begins there and leads to the Irish-descendant district of Charlestown, where there are more than a dozen sights related to the Revolutionary War. Under Boston – the sights of the Freedom Trail we present the main inner-city sights.

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