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The Atlantic provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador border each other in eastern Canada. The area of ​​Newfoundland & Labrador measures more than 405.000 square kilometers; Of this, 112.000 square kilometers are on the sparsely populated island of Newfoundland.

Corner Brook - the Humber River fjordCorner Brook - the Humber River fjord

Interesting facts about Newfoundland

What do we know about Newfoundland in general? Rather little. We have often heard about the Newfoundland Depression. Many dog ​​lovers are familiar with the powerful, predominantly black Newfoundland dogs. Some readers may also be reminded of the Swedish film drama “Schiffsmelden” (Ship Reports), filmed in Newfoundland in 2001. If you want to know more about the island, you should visit it.

Newfoundland – some history

The Vikings are said to have done this under the leadership of Leif Eriksson. According to undocumented records, they were the first to discover Newfoundland by rowing and sailing. What is documented, however, is that Giovanni Caboto, anglicized to John Cabot, went ashore in eastern Newfoundland near Bonavista on June 24, 1497 on behalf of the English king. He gave the country the name “Newe Founde Islande”, meaning “newly found island”.

Because of the rich fishing grounds, especially cod, England and France fought over the island for a long time. Newfoundland fell to England in the Peace of Utrecht in 1713.

Not forgetting Captain James Cook. The British seafarer, cartographer and explorer was tasked with surveying the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador. Between 1763 and 1767 he dedicated himself to this endeavor. In Corner Brook, a monument commemorates James Cook.

Corner Brook - Monument to Captain James CookCorner Brook - Monument to Captain James Cook

Newfoundland interesting facts

Newfoundland climate

Although Newfoundland is at the same altitude as northern France, temperatures can generally be expected to be significantly lower than in France. The warmed Gulf Stream and the cold Labrador Current meet off Newfoundland. The confluence creates unsettled weather. A lot of precipitation falls. The temperatures fluctuate around a bearable 15 to 22° Celsius in summer. In winter, the climate in the coastal areas is mild. A lot of precipitation falls near the sea all year round. Less rain is recorded inland; But the temperatures are significantly lower than on the coast.

Newfoundland's largest cities

St. John's in the southeast of the island is Newfoundland's oldest and also the largest city in the Canadian Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador. More than 219.000 residents lived in the metropolitan region in July 2022. St. John's has an international airport, is the headquarters of the Canadian Federal Police and is home to the Memorial University of Newfoundland, which, according to the latest figures, has more than 18.000 students enrolled. College the North Atlantic enrolls 7.000 students each year. In addition, sailors and fishermen are trained at the university's Marine Institute. Most Newfoundland-bound cruise ships call at St. John's in the summer and fall.

Things are completely different with the port city of Corner Brook. This is located in western Newfoundland on the Humber River, a 35 nautical mile long fjord, the Humber Arm. It opens onto the long Bay of Islands. The isolated town is the service and commercial center of the western and northern parts of the island. In the Corner Brook agglomeration, 31.800 residents live in four widely separated municipalities (as of July 1.7.2022, XNUMX).

Corner Brook - the first impression

Corner Brook - the first impression

Corner Brook - Broadway

Corner Brook - Broadway 

Corner Brook – Business and Administration

The city primarily participates in the timber industry. The largest employer is the Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Mill, located next to the port. The city is also the location of a provincial hospital, an offshoot of the university and individual areas of public administration.

Corner Brooks paper millCorner Brooks paper mill

Corner Brook – the cruise destination

The Port of Corner Brook has been a year-round deep-sea port for more than 100 years, primarily used by cargo ships. However, passenger ships also showed how Queen Mary 2 or Mein Schiff 1 Flag in Corner Brook. Cruise ships visit the city in the summer and fall months of June to November. In 2024, 32 cruise ships are registered to call.

Corner Brook - Celebrity Summit at the cruise terminal

Corner Brook - Celebrity Summit at the cruise terminal

Corner Brook - a welcome

Corner Brook - a welcome 

We report on what there is to see and do in Corner Brook below Corner Brook – Attractions and A day at Corner Brook.

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