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In the east of Canada, the Atlantic provinces of Québec and Newfoundland & Labrador border each other. The area of ​​Newfoundland & Labrador measures more than 405.000 square kilometers; 112.000 square kilometers of this are on the sparsely populated island of Newfoundland. She has been a member of the Canadian Confederation since March 31, 1949.

What is generally known about Newfoundland? Not much. The Newfoundland Depression has been heard many times. Many dog ​​lovers are familiar with the powerful, predominantly black Newfoundland dogs. It is said that their good-natured temperament is comparable to the friendly disposition of the people of Newfoundland. Some readers may also remember the 2001 Swedish drama "Ship Messages" filmed in Newfoundland. If you want to know more about the island, you should go there.

Corner Brook - Animal receptionist

The Vikings already did this under the leadership of Leiff Eriksson. Rowing and sailing, they are said to have been the first to reach Newfoundland. However, this is not historically proven. On the other hand, it is documented that Giovanni Caboto, anglicized to John Cabot, went ashore on June 24, 1497 in eastern Newfoundland at Bonavista on behalf of His Majesty the English King. He gave the country its name New Founde Island, in English "newly found island".

Corner Brook - Islands of the Bay of Islands

Because of the abundant fishing grounds, especially the catch of cod, England and France fought over the island for a long time. As a result of the Peace of Utrecht, Newfoundland fell to England in 1713.

Although Newfoundland is on the same level as northern France, temperatures can generally be assumed to be significantly lower than in France. The warmed Gulf Stream and the cold Labrador Stream converge off Newfoundland. That makes for inconsistent weather. There is a lot of precipitation. Temperatures fluctuate around 16 ° in summer. In winter there is a mild climate in the coastal areas. There is a lot of precipitation all year round. Inland there is less rain; but the temperatures are significantly lower than on the coast.

Corner Brook - Homes on the Humber River

Newfoundland's oldest city and also the oldest city in North America is the provincial capital St. John's. It was built in the southeast of the island at a natural harbor. A little more than 100.000 people live in the city. St. John's has an international airport, is the headquarters of the Canadian Federal Police and the location of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, where around 17.000 students are registered. At the College the North Atlantic another 8.000 students are enrolled. In addition, on Marine Institutes trained seafarers and fishermen at the university. Most Newfoundland cruise lines call at St. John's in the summer and fall.

It is very different with the port city Corner Brook out. This lies in the west of Newfoundland on a 35 nautical miles long fjord, the Humber arm. The opens up to the elongated Bay of Islands. The isolated city is the service and trade center of the western and northern parts of the island. Newfoundland's third largest city has a population of just 20.000. They are spread over four widely separated municipalities.

Humber River at Corner Brook

The city lives mainly from the timber industry. Corner Brooks' largest employer is Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Mill, which is located next to the harbor.

Corner Brooks paper mill

The city also includes a provincial hospital, a university branch and public administration areas. What there is to see and do in Corner Brook, we report on Corner Brook Attractions and A day at Corner Brook.

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