Cozumel flagViva México! The land area of ​​the United Mexican States amounts to 1,973 million km². This is roughly 5½ times the size of Germany. Eastern Mexico is made up of the peninsula Yucatán ingested.

It is one of the most popular travel destinations in Mexico. The Riviera Maya between Cancun and Tulum also attracts many sun-hungry German guests. The island is located sixteen kilometers from the mainland in the Caribbean Sea Cozumel. Their name comes from the Maya language and stands for Place of swallows.

Reliable sources declare the 478 km² Cozumel to be the third largest island in the country. Seen from the cruise ship, neither mountains nor hills restrict the view. You can see lush and dense vegetation. Lots of green is pleasing to the eye. Only the island capital San miguel de cozumel has been spared. It's hard to believe that the city had around 2011 inhabitants in 100.000.

Cozumel - It's so green

Cozumel - View of San Miguel

It was the Spaniards who discovered Cozumel. They entered the island in 1518. They met Mayans who then inhabited the island. At that time, the Mayas on Cozumel maintained several temples, most of which have now disappeared. Only the Mayan ruins of in northern Cozumel San Gervasio still exist.

Cozumel became widely known as the French marine explorer in 1960 Jacques Cousteau the one in the southwest of the island Palancar reef discovered. He rated it as one of the world's best diving areas. Since then, Cozumel has been a preferred destination for diving enthusiasts. Not only divers, but also sun worshipers and lovers of all other water sports get their money's worth on Cozumel's coastline.

With the divers and the sun addicts, tourism arrived. As a result of tourism, a new airport and new hotels and holiday complexes were built at the end of the 70s. With the airport even more tourists came to the island. And to top it all off, the crusaders appeared on the scene. First and foremost, Americans who like to visit the island on their cruises.

Cozumel has now risen to become one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean. According to American sources, more than a million cruise travelers visit the island every year. Cozumel therefore maintains three piers in San Miguel to accommodate the flow of boat tourists.

Cozumel - Two cruise ships

Cozumel - Popular cruise destination

However, some cruise participants leave the island immediately to take the fast ferry to Playa del Carmen the opposite mainland and the famous Maya sites Chichen Itzá or Tulum to pay a quick visit.

However, we believe that staying on Cozumel is worthwhile. Read below what makes Cozumel so worth seeing and experiencing for crusaders and tourists Cozumel attractions.