DominicaThe Republic Dominica, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic on Hispaniola, is an independent Caribbean island nation that belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations.

Under the motto “According to God the land”, life is between the French Caribbean islands Guadeloupe in the north and Martinique in the south not like God in France. Life is rather modest in a country so lavishly thought of by nature. The statistics show that little Dominica is one of the poorest countries in the region.

Who other than Columbus could have discovered the island on November 3.11.1493rd, 1783, a Sunday? The naming was not difficult for him. Dominica has been named after the Lord's Day for simplicity. Spain could not hold the island permanently. England and France competed for Dominica with varying degrees of success. After various deals, France had to hand Dominica over to the English. That was in the year 1978. The connection to the motherland lasted until XNUMX. Then the country Dominica declared its independence from Great Britain. Since then, Dominica has been operating under difficult conditions.

The experts argue whether Dominica the Leeward islands (Leeward Islands) or the Windward Islands (Islands under the Leeward). A more academic argument. It is undisputed that the island got its nickname "The Nature Island“Rightly bears. Dominica embodies an untamed nature. It is crossed by a 900 meter high mountain range in a north-south direction. The highest mountain on the island is 1.447 meters high Morne Diablotin. More than 300 rivers, countless streams, 12 waterfalls and some lakes shape the landscape.

A special feature of Dominica is the second largest “boiling lake” in the world, which is heated to almost boiling point by volcanic activity. He will Boiling lake called. Sulfur springs, mud holes and hot thermal streams complete the island inferno.

The island's climate is tropical. Dense rainforest covers the island. An ideal habitat for a diverse flora and fauna. 170 species of birds and more than 1.000 species of flowering plants have been counted in the rainforest. 74 species of orchid and more than 200 different species of fern were counted. Boa constricters, iguanas and emperor amazons are said to have their home deep in the forest. It is not surprising that part of the country is the national park Morne Trois Pitonswhether this diversity has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


And if all this is not enough for you, you should get into the sea and see the world underwater. He may also see some large fish while doing this. Whale watching boat tours are also offered.

The capital and at the same time the main port of the republic Reed in the south of the island. Around 16.000 people live here. Roseau is the ferry port. From here the ferries to Guadeloupe and Martinique leave. But Roseau is also a port of call for cruise ships. Several ships land every week. Most of the tourists arrive in the country with them. Package tourism, as it has developed in other places in the Caribbean, has not (yet) emerged here.


Dominica does not lend itself to the crusader for a lazy day at the beach. Dominica wants to be conquered. It has a lot to offer.

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