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Leknes / Lofoten on your own - our shore excursion

Author Anne Plau

As part of a Nordland cruise, we will reach the port of Gravdal-Leknes. The Costa Pacifica anchors in the middle of the bay. One of the first tender boats unloads us at the jetty at 8:30am The shuttle bus to Leknes only runs from 10am and there is no taxi either. So we make our way to the local bus on foot. At the E00 we meet the first stop in a southwesterly direction. Here we are waiting for bus 10, which goes from Leknes to Å i Lofoten, Å for short. The bus comes on time.

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The fishing village of Reine

The fishing village of Reine

Breathtaking landscapes

Our destination is Reine, a place in the southwest, a 70-minute drive and 56 kilometers away. The route is beautiful. The bus keeps stopping at the E10 or in the small villages near the country road. The road winds along fjords and around bays. On Flagstadøya we drive along the beaches of Ramberg and Flakstad and the beautiful red wooden church with the onion dome. Add to that the overwhelming mountain scenery in the background, we're thrilled. Even an organized shore excursion could not have offered us a more beautiful panoramic tour.

In the morning it is still very cloudy. Some of the mountain peaks cannot be seen. Then it clears up more and more and we have the most beautiful sunshine by the afternoon.

Reine - a place out of a picture book

We get off in Reine. The place is pretty to look at, especially from the higher E10. Then we hike along the E10 to Hamnøy. That's a little more than five kilometers. The E10 is not very busy, it is like a German country road in a sparsely populated region. We cross at least five bridges as far as Hamnøy. Again and again we have new and surprising views of narrow fjords and huge rocks. We really like the path because you can see more intensely on foot and you have a lot of time to look and take photos.

In Hamnøy we wait for the 742 bus that will take us back to Leknes. Another panoramic tour, this time in the opposite direction.

We're going to Leknes. The place offers nothing to see. The shuttle bus to the port at Buksnesfjord is also not there. But the weather is nice and we walk back through the fields and meadows to the port four kilometers away.

Tender boat at the Gravdal / Lofoten pier
Welcome to Lofoten
Bus stop in Lofoten
Landscape between Reine and Hamnøy
Reine in Lofoten
Reine in Lofoten
Reine in Lofoten
Landscape near Reine
Landscape near Fredvang
Landscape between Hamnøy and Leknes
Ramberg Beach
A landmark - Flakstad Church

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