La Romana - Sights

Those arriving by ship can La Romana at first sight nothing to gain. La Romana comes across as an industrial city. Directly opposite the pier are well-tended villas with large gardens on the waterfront. In the background of this idyllic chimneys of an industrial complex emit dark clouds. It greets "Big Sugar". In and of itself, nothing in us encourages the desire to stay in this place for a long time. If you get to this place during a cruise, as we were supposed to, the question arises, what could you do here? The cruise lines are happy to help with the decision. You are of course concerned about our well-being (and your own cash). That's why they make us interesting offers. The following tours are offered:

La Romana - Villa on the waterfront

La Romana - Villa on the waterfront

The Capital Santo Domingo

The drive to Santo Domingo, 120 km away, takes around two hours. The city with its three million inhabitants astonishes travelers with its contrast. Here the modern part of the city with modern facades and wide boulevards, there the old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site Colonial Zone. Plaza España with our Palace of Columbus, the Kathedrale Santa Maria la Menor, the city palaces, the squares and alleys enchant the visitor.

The artist village Altos de Chavón

The "artificial" village, built in 1976 based on Spanish models, gives impressions of life in the 16th century in Spanish Andalusia. The village was built with private money on the initiative of the President of the US company Gulf & Western. There live and work artists and artisans whose works can be bought on the spot. The town's large amphitheater, which seats 5.000 people, is one of the most renowned cultural centers in the country. International stars such as Frank Sinatra and Julio Iglesias performed here.

Boat and ship tours

including a Mississippi steamer, will be on the Roomón river offered. The river was used by the director Francis Fort Coppola as the backdrop for the film Apocalypse Now.
La Romana - boat tour

La Romana - boat tour

For the fun group among us

An Canopy tour through the tops of the rainforest; everyone can be their own Tarzan once.

Even more for the fun group

ATV (fun motorcycle) and buggy tours through valleys, sugar cane plantations and along the Chavón River as well as truck trips through the area around La Romana.

Cave tour

They are also on the agenda Caves of Wonderswhere the native inhabitants of the country, the Taino Indians, already settled. The cave is near La Romana. Lighting and acoustic effects ensure sufficient fascination.

A tour of a cigar factory is also offered.




Beach days

Those who like the beach can spend a few hours comfortably in one of the hotel complexes 20 km away Bayahibe .La Romana-Bayahibe

La Romana-Bayahibe

An alternative to Bayahibe is the bathing island near La Romana Catherine Island. It attracts with a sandy beach and untouched nature.

Much further, about 40 km over the waterway, it is to the Saona Island. It is located in the Parque Nacional del Este. It is approached by speed boats and offered as an eight-hour excursion. If Robinson Crusoe, then here.

La Romana

The choice of destinations isn't that bad after all. It is up to the traveler what to choose. As individual travelers in the Dominican Republic, a long time has passed since then, we have found that it is always worthwhile to mingle with the friendly people of this beautiful country.