miami buildings in miami downtownThe seeker meets at the coordinates 25 ° 80 'north latitude and 80 ° 20' west longitude Miami City. Miami City and the surrounding area extend between the Florida Everglades in the west, the Atlantic in the east and the Biscayne Bay in the southeast of the Florida peninsula. The city with 410.000 inhabitants is the administrative seat of the Miami-Dade County, 2,5 million people live in the area.

In reference books, Miami is recognized as the 42nd largest city in the United States. That's not that much. However, when looking at the settlement area, the US Federal Statistical Office arrives at the metro area miami, this includes nearly 5,5 million inhabitants, according to the assessment that this region ranks 7th within the United States.

Various international studies certify that the Miami region is excellently positioned. In 2010, the total provision of services across all areas (GMP) in the Miami region was just under US $ 258 billion. Within the USA, the greater Miami area ranks 11th after Atlanta and before Seattle. In 2001 things looked very different. Back then, Miami was one of the few American cities to file for bankruptcy. - That's how times change.

When approaching Miami International Airport, the view is of wide, flat land. The entire area does not exceed the mark of 12 meters in altitude. The fact that Miami is much more than vast land criss-crossed by watercourses is expressed in the mass of high-rise buildings Miami Downtown out. Since 2001, more than 50 high-rise buildings greater than 122 meters (400 feet) have been built or planned. Ten buildings alone are more than 10 meters high. 180 buildings between 14 and 180 meters high are currently being planned. After New York and Chicago, Miami is number three for houses more than 320 meters high.

Miami - approach to Miami Miami - Miami skyline

The skyscrapers are needed. Miami is a financial, economic and media metropolis. The city is the administrative seat of large financial service providers and various well-known large companies. Miami is considered the city with the highest concentration of international banks in the USA. Miami is considered to be the switching point between the USA and Latin America. The cruiser will be particularly interested in the fact that Miami is the seat of leading shipping companies. These include u. a. Carnival, NCL, Oceania Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Seaburn Cruise Lines.

Miami - In the financial districtMiami - The Conrad TowerMiami DowntownMiami - Royal Caribbean headquarters

Another important mainstay of Miami is that Tourism. Festivals, conventions, events and of course the beaches attract 38 million visitors to Miami every year. Statisticians expect it will generate more than US $ 17 billion in revenue.

Miami - Port of Miami Terminal D.As a port, Miami ranks 11th among all US ports. As a cruise port, the Port of miami has topped the international cruise port rankings for a number of years. More than 4,3 million cruisers embarked on a cruise from Miami in 2010. Globally, one in seven cruise passengers starts from Miami. With the adopted The project 2035 various measures are taken to ensure further growth in cruise tourism.

MIA, the airport of Miami, is Florida's most important airport. In 2011 more than 38 million passengers and more than 2 million tons of freight were handled there. In the region, 282.000 jobs are directly and indirectly dependent on the MIA airport. It is said that one in four workplaces is related to the airport.

Miami scores not only with economy, finance and services. Miami is also a cultural hub. Regardless of whether it is about opera, ballet, theater, exhibitions or other high-profile events, Miami has high-quality staff in these areas.

Miami - Lummus Park on Ocean DriveMiami is a green city. The tropical weather conditions create ideal conditions for plants to thrive here. Unlike in our latitudes, people can spend almost the entire year outdoors; on the water, on the water, under water, but also in one of the more than 80 parks and gardens in the city. Not by chance Forbes therefore named Miami the cleanest city in America in 2008.

Despite the strengths shown, a lot about Miami leaves something to be desired. We tourists do not see the low incomes of many people. We do not see the shortcomings that poor people are particularly exposed to. We don't see crime in certain boroughs. We see the shiny chrome Miami and regularly associate it with the one across Biscayne Bay Miami Beach. - The offshore island and its 100.000 inhabitants can be reached after a short drive via 6 causeways spanning Biscayne Bay. And this city gives us even more pleasure than Miami City. More on this under a day in the greater Miami area.



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