Sint Maarten - Sights

France and the Netherlands have shared ownership of the small Caribbean island for more than 300 years. The cultivation of sugar cane made both areas very wealthy. That changed when the prohibition of slave labor in the mid-19th century removed the foundations for agriculture. The regional economy collapsed. It took a long time for the island to recover from this collapse. Sint Maarten was only able to free itself from its severe crisis in 1939 when it declared itself a free trade zone. The seaport and the airport became increasingly important. Hotel buildings ensured increasing visitor numbers and prosperity between the 1960s and 1980s. The rapidly increasing cruise tourism did the rest.

Sint Maarten - Welcome

Sint Maarten - Welcome

The question to the crusader is what is there Attractionswhat can you do to have a day at Saint Maartto spend as pleasantly as possible? In our opinion, the two-part island is not the “Bringer”. There are definitely more attractive cruise destinations in the Caribbean. Back to the question, what should you do?

You could shopping. American crusaders in particular use the opportunity to shop. Around the Front Street in Dutch Philipsburg There are many ways to test the credit card's disposition framework. What your heart desires: fashion, precious stones, gold and silver, there is enough of everything.


One could beach day insert. That is our recommendation. The island scores with many beautiful beaches. The most beautiful beach for us is and is in the northeast of the island East Bay or East Bay called. For the beach, which is divided into 5 sections, we recommend Bikini Beach. This area is quite calm compared to the other sections. Nevertheless, the guest does not have to miss anything. There is enough food and drink, sunbathing and swimming here. - Planespottern we recommend Maho Beach. There the large-capacity aircraft touch down just a few meters behind the beach and cross the beach section in front of the runway at a height of 10 to 20 meters. You rarely get that close to an airplane. It gets a little more uncomfortable when the machines start. They mostly start in an easterly direction. Because Pic Paradis is in the direction of flight, full thrust is built up on the beach in order to gain altitude quickly. In this case, no grain of sand remains on the other on the beach.

Sint Maarten - Bikini Beach

Sint Maarten - Bikini Beach

Sights in Marigot

Getting to know the country and its people would also be a good idea. A tour through is recommended for this Marigot. The name of the city is likely to be derived from the original marshland on which Marigot was built. The city became prosperous through sugar production and became the administrative seat of the French authorities.

  • The attractive one leading along the water Walk and the one in front of it Marina.

  • One of the most important roads is the Rue de la Républic insurance. The traditional facades of the 19th century catch the visitor's eye. They have largely retained their original authenticity. However, guests will also find old, well-restored Creole houses in other places. Many of these houses are now home to luxury boutiques.
    Sint Maarten - shopping street

  • The Markt von Marigot can best be described as a mixture of colors, smells, attachments and hectic pace. Fruits, vegetables, spices, meat and fish are sold under airy, Creole-looking huts. Open stalls with souvenirs, handicrafts and adventurous rum mixtures follow.
    Sint Maarten - market pavilions in Marigot Sint Maarten - market stalls

  • The Island museum presents its exhibits on an area of ​​200 m². They go back to the year 3200 BC. BC back. The story of colonization is told in detail. Slavery, sugar cane cultivation and salt production are specially addressed.

  • That built in 1789 Fort-Louis. It was built on a hill above Marigot to protect the port and the goods stored there from attacks. The view from the fort of the city and the bay is very picturesque.
    Sint Maarten - Fort Louis
  • The one in the southwest of Marigot Spring Sugar Mill. From 1772 onwards, sugar and rum were produced here for a century. Remnants of the facility can be viewed.

Sights outside of Marigot

  • An Butterfly farm in the town Quarter of Orleans, near the Baie Orientale should delight children and nature lovers alike. Countless different types of butterflies live in a 900 m² facility.

  • The Peak Paradise, outside of Marigot, the highest point on the island at 424 meters, is recommended for panoramic views. The summit can be reached on foot or by car. Given the distance to Marigot, the car is essential.

  • The Farm Lottery, a former sugar cane plantation, has been open to visitors since 1999. It is located at the foot of Pic Paradis (Rambaud, Route Pic Paradis) and extends from above sea level to the top of the mountain. The last remnants of the island's rainforest are preserved here. Hundreds of tropical plants and trees delight the visitor. You can hike on the old plantation paths. With the FlyZone allows visitors of all ages to soar through the treetops like Tarzan. A café and the renowned Treelounge satisfy the feeling of hunger and provide peace.


The busy Dutch Philipsburg there is a little lack of historical attractions. Worth seeing are ...

  • and the Sint Maarten Museum on Front Street. It presents the island's history from a Dutch perspective. In addition to looking at the past, the museum run by the Sint Maarten National Heritage Foundation provides explanations about the importance of the reefs, beaches and swamps for flora and fauna. Another exhibition area is dedicated to a documentation about the consequences of Hurricane Luis, which hit the island in September 1995.

  • the historic one, also on Front Street Courthouse. It was built in 1793. This holdover from the past was the original residence of the Scottish city founder, Commander John Philips. The history of the building was very changeable. Over the years it served as a prison, fire station and post office. Today it is used exclusively as a courthouse. A carillon consisting of 25 bells is housed in the bell tower.

The following video concludes with a vivid presentation of the facets of this versatile island.