Zeebrugge / Bruges individual tours

A day in Bruges

Castle SquareTo get to Bruges, we take the Kusttram in Zeebrugge. In Blankenberge we change to the bus. We leave the bus at the Concertgebouw. Before our city tour, we visit the In&Out tourist information center at the Concertgebouw. It offers visitors on the Internet and on site excellent information about city tours.

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Bruges - city walk off the beaten track

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Under Bruges - sights we present the main attractions of Bruges in detail. Under A Day in Bruges we describe our impressions of a tour on our own through the old town center of the 121.000 (as of January 2021) city. This time we are interested in the parts of Bruges that are less affected by the flow of tourists.

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A day in Ghent

A day in GhentThe cruise ship calls at Zeebrugge. And now? Zeebrugge attracts with a wide stand and a fish auction hall, the harbor or the "Seafront Zeebrugge". These amusements attract those guests who are not at all interested in the nearby historical places of Bruges and Ghent. Zeebrugge is, for the sake of completeness, a district of Bruges. It is just 20 kilometers to the center of the city.
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With the Kusttram along the Belgian North Sea coast

Kuststram 108 Strand Blankenberge

The Kusttram runs from Knokke-Heist near the Dutch border to De Panne near the French border. This tram connects all places on the Belgian North Sea coast. The tram route is 68 kilometers long and has 68 stops. It almost always leads along the sea. Trains run three to four times an hour in both directions.

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