Princess Cruises is revolutionizing dining on board

Princess Cruises is revolutionizing dining on board

April 18, 2024 - The US premium shipping company Princess Cruises is significantly improving its dining options, thereby contributing to guest well-being.

For many cruise ship passengers, good food is crucial to the success or failure of a cruise. Regardless of the quality of the food in the service restaurants, the fixed meal times on board ships often lead to discomfort. On larger ships, meals in the main dining rooms are usually served in two sittings. This means that ship guests are forced to decide in advance whether they want to have an “early” or “late” session. Given local eating habits, this often leads to discomfort and upset. Buffet restaurants or specialty restaurants that charge a surcharge represent an alternative position. However, these alternative positions are not everyone's choice.

Different rules will apply on all 17 Princess Cruises ships in the future. Passengers differentiate between three variants, each of which has its own restaurant. Exceptions apply to the Coral and Island Princess; The new concept will be implemented in two restaurants instead of three.

Island Princess at Huatulco pier

Island Princess on the pier of Huatulco

Dining options

  • The conventional solution with a fixed seat in the restaurant and a table time sooner or later;
  • Booking an individual dinner time via the Princess app;
  • choice of open variant; where the dining room can be entered at the desired time without prior registration.

The three table service options are integrated into the shipping company’s “OceanNow system”. It offers guests the opportunity to order anything at any time and receive it anywhere on board.

Regal Princess leaves Fort Lauderdale

Regal Princess leaves Fort Lauderdale

The new dining formats are already being practiced on board the youngest member of the fleet, the new Sun Princess. The ship offers a three-story main restaurant. On one floor, guests dine traditionally, on the next deck, passengers enjoy their meal with a flexible reservation, and on the third level, food is served without prior appointment. The changed rules will apply on the 16 remaining Princess Cruises ships from September 14, 2024.

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