aida cruises appoints captains of aidanova

AIDA Cruises appoints AIDAnova captain

May 31, 2018 - Three months before the AIDAnova is christened, the Rostock cruise line AIDA Cruises has named the first captain. It's Captain Boris Becker. He was previously in command of the AIDAperla.

Captain Becker has been with AIDA Cruises since 2004. After studying nautical science in Bremen, the graduate industrial engineer for seafaring hired AIDA Cruises on. He began his career as an officer; later he was promoted to staff captain. At the age of 30, Captain Becker was appointed AIDA Cruises' youngest captain at the time. Since then he has successfully put several new buildings into service. They are Aida Luna, the AIDAblu and finally the AIDAperla.

Captain Boris Becker

Captain Boris Becker Photo © AIDA Cruises

The future “master” of the AIDAnova is now in use at the MEYER shipyard in Papenburg. There he accompanies the final construction phase on site. One thing is certain: AIDAnova has been swimming since yesterday. The building dock was flooded. The new building has proven its stability and buoyancy in tests. The next steps are the exterior painting, the assembly of the propellers and the construction of the masts and the chimney. Because of the limited headroom in the building dock, this final work is carried out outside the hall, as is usual with MEYER.

AIDAnova - Floated up in the construction dock

AIDAnova Photo: @MichaelWessels

On August 31, 2018, the ship will be christened as part of an open-air event in front of the shipyard in Papenburg. The name of the godmother is still kept secret. In mid-September 2018, AIDAnova will move to Eemshaven in the Netherlands. Test drives and the final equipment follow. On November 15, AIDA Cruises will take over the new building from the MEYER shipyard in Bremerhaven. Pre-premiere rides with paying guests follow. The actual maiden voyage starts on December 2nd in Hamburg. The goal is the Canary Islands.



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