AIDA Cruises invests heavily in digital outdoor advertising

AIDA Cruises invests heavily in digital outdoor advertising

August 15, 2022 – With the assistance of advertising specialist Ströer, AIDA Cruises is jumping on the new trend of three-dimensional advertising campaigns. The sales promotion campaign launched today in Hamburg is not least in connection with the "Hamburg Cruise Days pur" beginning on Friday of this week..

The Rostock-based shipping company AIDA Cruises is presenting digital outdoor advertising on a total of 100 digital screens and towers in Hamburg. The subject of the advertisement is an animated 3D motif. To ensure that the advertising reaches the recipient, AIDA Cruises has secured the services of the Leverkusen advertising provider Ströer. In addition, the public video giant screens located at Hamburg Central Station are used specifically for AIDA advertising. The content of the campaign is easy to understand: on the up to 24 square meter digital giant screens and the new digital pillars, viewers see a floating AIDA ship swayed by shallow waves.
AIDA Cruises 3D advertising campaign 2022AIDA Cruises 3D Advertising Campaign 2022 - Photo © AIDA Cruises

Ströer's giant screens and towers are located in Hamburg inside train stations and shopping centers and in highly frequented locations. The shipping company attaches great importance to the statement that the energy requirements of the digital screens are covered exclusively with emission-free green electricity.

Hamburg is not only flooded with AIDA Cruises advertising. At the same time, other accompanying advertising campaigns are starting in northern Germany: As part of an inspirational campaign for AIDA winter travel, numerous posters in Rostock, Lübeck, Kiel, Stralsund and Greifswald advertise cruises. The highlight of the campaign is a 224 square meter traffic tower on the A24. He is at Zarrentin in the direction of Hamburg. The company also relies on so-called CoolLiteBikes; the term means advertising bicycles with trailers. The mobile advertising spaces are used in various Baltic Sea resorts on the Bay of Lübeck, on Usedom, at the Hanse Sail in Warnemünde and at the Cruise Days in Hamburg. As the car manufacturer Henry Ford once said: "If you don't advertise, you die". There is nothing to add.

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