AIDA Easter Sale 2024: Exciting cruises to dream destinations

AIDA Easter Sale 2024: Exciting cruises to dream destinations

March 21, 2024 - Discover irresistible cruise offers to dream destinations in the AIDA Easter Sale 2024, with limited quotas and departures from €529 - a unique chance to discover the world with AIDA.

aida easter sale 2024

Spring not only brings flowers to bloom, but also the best cruise offers of the year with the AIDA Easter Sale. Whether you are looking for a short break or an extended adventure, AIDA has the right offer for everyone.

Attractive offers at a glance

  • Short trips to Europe's treasures: Experience a 4-day short trip to Gdansk & Bornholm from €529 or discover the beauty of Belgium & the Netherlands on a 5-day trip from €529.
  • Sunny breaks in the Mediterranean: Treat yourself to a 7-day trip through Greece from Corfu from €729 or explore the Adriatic from Corfu, also from €729 for a week.
  • The magic of the north: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Norwegian fjords with the 7-day cruise from Kiel from €749 or embark on a 14-day expedition to Norway with Lofoten & North Cape from €1.749.

Limited quotas: It pays to be quick

These unique offers are only available for a limited time. The Easter sale runs until April 3rd, and with these prices you need to be quick. Secure your place on board and experience unforgettable moments on the high seas with AIDA.

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