AIDAcosma has to stay in Zeebrugge one day longer

AIDAcosma has to stay one day longer in Zeebrugge

April 06, 2022 - The cruise ship AIDAcosma has to stay one day longer in Zeebrugge due to a storm.

Tonight should AIDAcosma Leave Zeebrugge and continue to Rotterdam. Due to an upcoming storm, Rotterdam has canceled entry. All berths in Rotterdam are occupied. The AIDAcosma will therefore remain in until tomorrow evening at 22 p.m Zeebrugge and then sets out on the direct route to Hamburg. All passengers who are actually in Rotterdam had to get off are driven there by a transfer bus.

aidacosma Zeebrugge

AIDAcosma in storm and rain in Zeebrugge

There are currently 4141 passengers on board the AIDAcosma, including 1300 children. It's not up to Aida. The captain of the AIDAcosma said: "Because of the storm, the ships lying there in Rotterdam cannot release their spaces. That's why we have to stay in Zeebrugge....."

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