AIDAnova travel interruption in Lisbon. New start on January 15th from Gran Canaria.

AIDAnova travel interruption in Lisbon. New start on January 15th from Gran Canaria.

January 02, 2022 - The cruise ship AIDAnova ends its current cruise unplanned in Lisbon. The ship will be completely disinfected and will continue its cruises from Gran Canaria on January 15th.

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The New Year's Eve trip, especially with the fireworks in front of Funchal / Madeira, is one of the most beautiful tours of the AIDAnova. But this year the spectacular fireworks took place without the AIDAnova. The AIDAnova has been lying unplanned for days, due to 64 positive Covid-19 cases, in the port of Lisbon. At first, “only” the crew was affected, but there are now four infected passengers (source: CNN Portugal). Instead of a delayed trip to the Canary Islands, the passengers now expect the return flight home. After the passengers have left the AIDAnova, it should be completely disinfected and afterwards Gran Canaria to start the next cruises there as scheduled from January 15th.

AIDA Cruise will announce on January 02.01.2021nd, XNUMX:


As part of the comprehensive hygiene and test strategy, we identified cases of COVID-29.12.2021 on board at an early stage on AIDAnova's current voyage (from December 19, XNUMX). The affected people are fine, they have no or only mild symptoms. Due to the current situation, however, we can take the trip with you AIDAnova to the Canary Islands cannot continue as planned until January 5, 2022 and therefore unfortunately also not carry out the trips with departure January 5, 8, 12, 2022 as planned. We ask our guests concerned for their understanding for this decision, which we had to make in the interests of the safety and health of our guests and crew.

Information for guests affected by the cancellation:

Of course, we will reimburse you for the payments you have already made to AIDA as well as services already booked on myAIDA in full in accordance with the originally selected payment method.

It is very important to us that you still make the long-awaited AIDA vacation possible. We would be happy to offer you the option of choosing a trip in the same period or a later trip from our wide range of holiday offers up to spring 2024. If you make a new booking by March 31.03.2022, 200, we thank you with an on-board credit of XNUMX euros. The on-board credit is valid per cabin when occupied by two people in the 1st and 2nd bed (including children and young people), is not transferable and cannot be combined with other AIDA promotions. Individual travelers receive half of the on-board credit. "


The cruises after the break can be booked directly from AIDA at AIDAnova Canary Islands get booked.