AIDAprima Oktoberfest special with Die HÖHNER, Tim Toupet and Gletscherfezzer

AIDAprima Oktoberfest special with Die HÖHNER, Tim Toupet and Gletscherfezzer

August 17, 2022 – During the Oktoberfest this year, the top acts Die HÖHNER, Gletscherfezzer and Tim Toupet will ensure great fun on board AIDA.

From September 24, 2022 it says "O'zapft is" at the Oktoberfest on the AIDAprima on the seven-day cruise to the most beautiful cities in Western Europe. The highlight of the atmospheric festival program is the appearance of the Cologne cult band Die HÖHNER. With their legendary classics such as "Viva Colonia", "Schenk mir dein Herz" or "If not now, then when?" they will take hearts on board by storm at the end of September. Of course, you can also sway and sing along to the mix of Bavarian beats , folk music as well as contemporary hits by party pop singer Tim Toupet and the cannons of Gletscherfezzer.
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It will also be Bavarian in culinary terms. In contrast to the Oktoberfest magic in Munich, beer lovers can enjoy the beer for only 9,90 euros. The freshly tapped Zwickel beer and a promotional beer come from the on-board brewery and were brewed with seawater and in accordance with the German Purity Law. In addition to classic, hearty dishes such as knuckle of pork and potato dumplings, sausage salad and the typical brewery snack, AIDA gourmet godfather Stefan Marquard prepares other specialties on board. Among other things, the guests can look forward to a sausage workshop, a tasting with a joint butcher's breakfast and a hearty evening in the brewery with traditional snacks and homemade bratwurst. The TV star and celebrity chef will also appear on the Prime Time Show.

As part of the AIDA Wiesn special, Oktoberfest fans can enjoy a selected Bavarian-style treat program on board all AIDA ships. Whether it's arm wrestling, veal sausages or yodelling - there's something for every taste. All guests who like to celebrate in good company can also look forward to hearty brewery or alpine hut activities such as "Wiesn-Gaudi", "Alpenglühn", "Frühschoppen" or even family days with a good party tent atmosphere. The "Sirtaki" of the Alps, the so-called Schuhplattler, can be learned from the AIDA hosts. There are also different quiz campaigns on board.

Further information on the AIDAprima voyage from September 24 to October 1, 2022 from/to Hamburg and the Oktoberfest on the water on board the AIDA ships is available at to find.

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