Celebrity Cruises expands South America program

Celebrity Cruises expands South America program

02 December 2021 | The Celebrity Eclipse will be sent to southern South America in the 2023/24 season and most of it will be launched in Chile and Argentina

  • Cruises take you to Cape Horn, through the Chilean fjords and the Strait of Magellan. The Antarctic is also visited four times.
  • The Celebrity Eclipse will be sent to southern South America in the 2023/24 season and will mostly stop at destinations in Chile and Argentina. Cruises lead to Cape Horn, through the Chilean fjords and the Strait of Magellan
  • The Antarctic is also visited four times

The shipping company Celebrity Cruises has announced its South America routes for the 2023/24 season. The Celebrity Eclipse will run several times from December to April between Valparaíso in Chile and Buenos Aires in Argentina and head for the natural beauties of Tierra del Fuego.

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Celebrity Eclipse

From Los Angeles it goes to South America
On December 7, 2023, the Celebrity Eclipse will leave Los Angeles and will head for two ports in Mexico (Cabo San Lucas and Huatulco), Puntarenas in Costa Rica, Manta in Ecuador and Lima and Pisco in Peru at. In Lima there is even a two-day stop. Here passengers have the opportunity to visit the famous Inca ruined city of Machu Picchu. The destination of this 17-day cruise is Valparaíso in Chile - the city is one of the home ports for the upcoming South America season.

Tierra del Fuego natural beauties await between Valparaíso and Buenos Aires
On the 13-day “Patagonia & Argentina” cruises from Valparaíso to Buenos Aires (and vice versa), we go to Puerto Montt in Chile, then through the Chilean fjords and the Strait of Magellan to Punta Arenas in the very south of Chile. Over Ushuaia In southern Argentina, the Celebrity Eclipse then travels to the legendary Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America. Weather permitting, passengers can disembark at the “end of the world” for two and a half hours. Over Puerto Madryn in Argentina and Punta del Este and Montevideo (both Uruguay) go to the Argentine metropolis of Buenos Aires.

Adventure Antarctica
Several 15-day cruises lead from/to Buenos Aires to Antarctica in early 2024. In addition to Ushuaia and Puerto Madryn in Argentina as well Montevideo These are also available in Uruguay Cape Horn in Tierra del Fuego and Stanley on the Falkland Islands on the program. Other highlights of the tour with the Celebrity Eclipse are the four stops in Antarctica: Paradise Bay, Gerlache Strait, Schollart Channel and Elephant Island.

Paradise Bay is one of the few ports in Antarctica and one of the best places to get up close and personal with penguins, seals and whales. Icebergs and ice floes that glow in different shades of blue can also be admired on a Zodiac tour.

A drive through the Gerlache Strait also offers true experiences of nature: its glacier landscape and the high icebergs made of sparkling ice crystals are up to 2.500 meters high. The waterway was discovered in 1898 on an expedition by the Belgian polar explorer Adrien de Gerlache. The Gerlache Strait separates the Palmer Archipelago from the Danco coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The passage of the Schollart Channel offers unforgettable views of glacier tongues, icebergs and snow-covered two-thousand-meter peaks. In the strait in the northeast of the Palmer Archipelago, donkey penguins - also called red-billed penguins - as well as humpback and blue whales can be observed.

Elephant Island is another Antarctic destination of the Celebrity Eclipse. The elephant island is named after the elephant seals that live here - they are the largest seals in the world. The rocky, uninhabited island is 245 kilometers from the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, outside the South Shetland Islands.

The Celebrity Eclipse is 315 meters long and offers space for a maximum of 2.850 passengers.

"Traveling broadens our horizons and brings us closer to other cultures. Celebrity Cruises takes guests to the remotest corners of the world and at the same time offers incomparable luxury travel adventures“, Says Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises.

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