Celebrity Cruises – the entertainment of the Celebrity Ascent

Celebrity Cruises – the entertainment of the Celebrity Ascent

October 26, 2023 – Celebrity Cruises' new flagship, Celebrity Ascent, officially begins service on December 3, 2023. There are two short trips on the program beforehand. In the first few months, the ship will travel from the start and destination port of Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) to the Eastern Caribbean. The premium shipping company has just presented the entertainment program for the new building.

USA Today, the US newspaper with the highest circulation, named its sister ship Celebrity Beyond the best cruise ship for entertainment this year. Such an assessment is obligatory. Those responsible for entertainment on the Ascent were challenged. The result of their efforts in brief: a new open-air night show on the Resort Deck, six new live productions, captivating performances and lots of interactive games.

Under the title "Ascent After Dark: Shine the Night” the resort deck transforms into a dance floor after dark. As an encore there will be live performances and a prism light show. A DJ accompanies the dancing couples and ensures a good atmosphere.

Celebrity Ascent - RenderingCelebrity Ascent - Rendering © Photo Celebrity Cruises

New theater productions
The technical effects used on theater stages today are almost unimaginable. State-of-the-art technology supports three new, fascinating production shows. Technical modules consisting of kinetic light art, laser light and the use of IMAG accompany live performances in real time on a huge LED screen.
The titles and content of the new shows:
Awaken – the contemporary and technological spectacle takes guests on a journey into surreal dreams and awakens their senses to explore a world where anything is possible.
Residency – this concert production celebrates timeless artists from Elvis Presley to Lady Gaga, from Cher and U2 to Bruno Mars with authentic film footage.
Bridges – Bridges takes audiences to some of the world's most famous bridges in London, Venice, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.

Celebrity Ascent - Cosmopolitan Restaurant - RenderingCelebrity Ascent - Cosmopolitan Restaurant - Rendering © Photo Celebrity Cruises

Live shows and performances
At Eden, the three-story restaurant, bar and entertainment area at the stern of the ship, guests experience performances of acrobatics, singing and choreography.
The event is divided into the following complexes:
Allure – the focus is on acrobatic journeys.
Shimmerbox – the name stands for a new, glittering dance spectacle.
Dreams – this program item is primarily about live performances and interactive games.

Live music accompanies guests everywhere on board. The spectrum is wide and demanding. Jazz lovers, pop fans and disco-goers will get their money's worth. Even a piano bar entertainer is being considered.

The Celebrity Ascent offers its guests this and much more. The Celebrity Ascent is touring the Eastern Caribbean until April 13, 2024. On April 14th the ship moves to Europe. Eight, ten and thirteen day cruises through the western and eastern Mediterranean are offered there. – The Ascent belongs to the Edge class. Nevertheless, it is 20 meters longer than the Celebrity Edge (total length Ascent 327 meters). The new building can accommodate a maximum of 3.260 guests.

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