Costa Firenze

Costa Firenze - Costa's second new building for Asia

May 7, 2019 - Costa Crociere has been offering cruises in China since 2006. The company sees itself as the market leader in the most populous country on earth. With the Costa Venezia and the Costa Firenze, which will go into service in October 2020, the Italian shipping company is showing its commitment to the Chinese market.

In October 2020, the Florence-inspired Costa Firenze will begin its service. The cruise ship, measured at around 135.500 GT, is currently being built by the Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera near Venice. The ship, specially developed for the Chinese market, can hold a maximum of 5.200 guests.

Costa Firenze - rendering

Costa Firenze - rendering

Mario Zanetti, President of Costa Group Asia, commented on the new building: “Costa Cruises is also dedicated to bringing Chinese guests closer to the Italian aesthetic lifestyle and at the same time conveying Italian culture and lifestyle to them. Together with Costa Venezia, Costa Firenze will help drive the development of the Chinese cruise industry. ”The quoted Costa Venezia was already put into service on March 1, 2019 in Trieste. Before that, Costa was regularly active in the Chinese market with used ships.

Before Costa Firenze starts its service in China, Costa is offering five short cruises mainly to European guests Triest and Savona. The trips each take five to seven days. Called at several popular ports in Italy and Spain. On November 2, 2020, Costa Firenze will start a 51-day positioning cruise from Savona Hong Kong. It ends on December 22nd in the city on the Pearl River. The journey leads through, among other things, through Suez Canal and after Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi. On to Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia. Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam are also on the route. The itinerary can be booked in three separate stages. The stages are: Savona-Dubai (19 days), Dubai-Singapore (20 days) and Singapore-Hong Kong (14 days). The sections can be connected to each other.

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