Costa will start in 2022 with the entire fleet

Costa will start in 2022 with the entire fleet

February 14, 2022 | This year the entire Costa fleet will start. Good news for cruises from Germany

Costa Smeralda

Costa Fortuna in Tarragona

Costa Crociere is gradually expanding cruise operations. From March 5, 2022 - the day when the new Costa Toscana sets sail on her first cruise - more ships will set sail. From the summer, the entire Costa Cruises fleet will be sailing. All four new ships, Costa Toscana, Costa Smeralda, Costa Firenze and Costa Venezia, will cruise the Mediterranean.

New: With four ships back in three German ports

From the end of May, four Costa ships will be heading for ports in northern Germany. Next to the Costa Diadema and Costa Fascinosa Kiel and the Costa Fortuna Bremerhaven (see also: Bremerhaven sights) The Costa Favolosa is now also laying 17 times in the summer season Warnemunde on. The ships will be deployed in Northern Europe until September and visit the Baltic metropolises, the Norwegian fjords, the North Cape and Iceland.

Again individual shore excursions possible

Should the official regulations permit, Costa will once again be offering individual shore excursions on all cruises in the summer. Since many governments are already relaxing the measures, Costa is working on offering individual shore excursions again from spring.

Cruise programs from the Azores to Northern Europe

After the Costa Toscana, the Costa Favolosa will start on April 28th with “mini cruises” in the Mediterranean, and the Costa Venezia will start on May 1st Istanbul with a new week-long route across Turkey and Greece; and on May 7, the Costa Smeralda with a week-long route across the Western Mediterranean.

Costa Pacifica returns to service on June 4th from Bari, exploring Greece and Malta. The two-week cruises to the Canary Islands and the Azores, originally scheduled with Costa Pacifica in April and May, will be operated by Costa Luminosa. The Costa Fortuna will return to Northern Europe on June 12th.

After the winter season in South America, Costa Diadema returns to the Mediterranean, offering a cruise from May 5th Lisbon on. On May 15st, the Costa Fascinosa will embark on a cruise to the Azores for Costa Club members. After returning from the Caribbean, the Costa Deliziosa will start her Mediterranean cruises from April XNUMXth, while the Costa Firenze will start her season in Dubai (tip: Dubai attractions) terminated, on April 7 in Genoa will dock to launch her cruise program in Spain, Italy and France.

Costa Firenze in Abu Dhabi

Costa Firenze in Abu Dhabi

In Summer 2022, LNG-powered sister ships Costa Smeralda and Costa Toscana will join Costa Firenze to offer week-long western Mediterranean cruises, while Costa Venezia will continue her new itinerary in Turkey and Greece from Istanbul. Costa Pacifica, Costa Deliziosa and Costa Luminosa operate week-long cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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