Cruise ship Costa Toscana floated in Turku

Cruise ship Costa Toscana floated in Turku

January 16, 2021 - In February 2020, the Meyer Werft in Turku, Finland began the Assembly work on the hull of the Costa Toscana. Eleven months later, the new building was completed to the extent that the building dock could be flooded. Yesterday afternoon the Costa Toscana left the dock and moored at the equipment quay.

The new ship, which can hold 5.224 passengers, is a sister ship to the Costa Smeralda. Costa Cruises put the Smeralda into service in 2019. Costa Toscana will not go into operation in June 2021, as originally planned, but in December 2021. Adam D. Tihany is responsible for the interior. The designer has designed several Costa and Carnival ships so far. The interior will be finished in the coming months, followed by sea tests and delivery. The shipyard expects the ship to be accepted in autumn.

Shell of the Costa Toscana before floating

Shell of the Costa Toscana before floating - Photo © Meyer Turku Werft

As far as we know, Costa Crociere has a central, three-storey Colosseum, 16 restaurants and around 2.600 cabins. The ship will spend the first season in Brazil. The first trip is planned for December 26, 2021. The ship was originally scheduled to sail in the western Mediterranean between November 2021 and Easter 2022. LNG liquefied natural gas is used as fuel. Costa Toscana and the Costa Smeralda are being advertised by the shipping company as a new class of ship with low environmental impact. Sulfur dioxide emissions are practically eliminated and particulate matter emissions are reduced to 95 to 100 percent. Nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by 85 percent and CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 20 percent. Incidentally, Costa Toscana has an intelligent energy-saving system and 100 percent of the recyclable materials (plastic, paper, glass and aluminum) generated on board are collected and reused on land.