Diamond Princess after the coronavirus

Diamond Princess after the coronavirus

More than 690 passengers and crew members were infected with the new corona virus on Princess Cruises' Diamond Princess. Several passengers died. The one ordered by the Japanese government The ship's two-week quarantine has now been lifted. What happens to the Diamond Princess as a result? How is it disinfected?

The US online portal Cruise Industry News recently reported on the upcoming disinfection and remediation measures on the Diamond Princess. The cruise company Princess Cruises, which is part of the Carnival Group, is currently looking for a service company with advanced and scientifically proven cleaning and disinfection capabilities. The shipping company is planning a comprehensive cleaning, disinfection and renovation phase.

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Diamond Princess © Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has defined the known and eligible sections and surfaces that require treatment, cleaning and disinfection. It cannot be ruled out that more will be added.

Cabins - special measures

  • Disposal of all towels, duvet covers, mattresses and covers, pillows, duvets and shower curtains.
  • Removal of all carpets, curtains and other "soft" furnishings.
  • Disinfection of the cabins
  • Cleaning of all corridors and railings. 


  • Cleaning of all storage and service rooms 

Kitchen areas

  • Cleaning and disinfection of kitchens, pantries, dishes and other items 

Restaurants - disinfection including sideboards and beverage areas 

Cleaning and disinfection of all entertainment areas 

Cleaning and disinfection of public areas

  • Shops, spa, hair salon, fitness center, etc. 

Other areas are

  • Technology and engine rooms
  • Crew member living areas
  • the decks and the handrails
  • the medical field
  • all air conditioning
  • Shafts, fans, cooling coils etc.
  • all nautical and hotel equipment 

The company informs that the necessary measures are under the direction of Princess Cruises and under the supervision of the Japanese Ministry of Health, the US Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization (WHO). There is no telling how long it will take to bring the 290-meter-long cruise ship into shape.