Hutigruten - Ship Roald Amundsen with COVID-19 on board

Hurtigruten - Roald Amundsen ship with COVID-19 on board

July 31, 2020 - According to various media reports, three crew members on the Hurtigruten ship Roald Amundsen were infected with COVID-19. All 160 crew members of the expedition ship were quarantined. The passengers have in NorwegianTromsø left the ship.

The Hurtigruten shipping company was sure of its cause: on July 7th we wrote that, according to the company, there were no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 on any of the Hurtigruten ships. In order to make future trips even safer and to guarantee the health and safety of guests and crew, the hygiene and safety standards on board have been supplemented by numerous new measures. These include reduced guest capacity, strict hygiene protocols, health checks and screenings, frequent temperature measurements on board and numerous other measures.

Hurtigruten - hybrid ship Roald Amundsen

Hurtigruten - Hybrid ship Roald Amundsen - Photo © Hurtigruten

It is now reported that, according to the University Clinic of Northern Norway in Tromsø, three of 160 crew members have been infected with the corona virus. The crew has been quarantined. The nearly 200 passengers left the ship and were instructed to go into self-isolation. The ship is not the Fridtjof Nansen, which has been making 24-day trips to Norway from Hamburg since June 15th.