Meow Majesty: The cruise ship for cat lovers

Meow Majesty: Revolutionary cruise ship for cat lovers

April 01, 2024 – The international cruise industry is on the verge of a remarkable breakthrough that could change the world of sea travel forever. One of the most renowned shipping companies has revealed the almost complete plans for a unique cruise ship designed specifically for cats and their owners. The "Meow Majesty", a majestic ship whose ornate design is reminiscent of an elegant cat, is scheduled to set off on its maiden voyage in two years.

Meow Majesty cruise ship

Meow Majesty cruise ship

The "Meow Majesty" represents a completely new kind of holiday experience, tailored for both humans and their four-legged friends. The shipping company has announced that planning is 95% complete and offers a glimpse of some of the extraordinary features of this revolutionary ship.

Unique cabins and safety features

Outside cabin in cat design - for humans only

outside cabin for humans and cats

Outdoor cabin for people and cats

The cabins on board the "Meow Majesty" not only feature a unique cat design, but also provide the ultimate comfort and safety for the furry passengers. Each cabin is equipped with scratch-resistant furniture, toys and a special rest area to make cats feel at home.

Particular attention was paid to the safety of animal guests. The Cat Deck features state-of-the-art security systems, including gates and specialized security staff, to ensure no cat gets lost or in danger. In collaboration with animal psychologists and trainers, the shipping company has created an environment that takes the cats' natural needs into account and allows them to enjoy their vacation just as much as their human companions.

Pool deck and activities

pool deck3


Lounge for cats only

Lounge for cats only

The Meow Majesty's pool deck sets new standards for relaxation and fun on board a cruise ship. At the center of this area is the spectacular Cat Head Pool, an architectural masterpiece that not only provides refreshment but is also a visual highlight.

In addition to aquatic amusements, Meow Majesty offers a variety of sporting activities specifically designed to keep both humans and cats active. This includes a fully equipped fitness center with a view of the open sea for the two-legged friends and an innovative cat agility deck where the velvet-pawed passengers can let off steam under the guidance of professional animal trainers. In addition, yoga sessions in the morning, where cat owners can relax with their pets, ensure a perfect start to the day. All these elements come together to create a harmonious whole that encourages both physical activity and the opportunity to relax, always with the infinite blue of the ocean as a backdrop.

Culinary experience and bars

Fish restaurant

Cat Bar

Another highlight of the “Meow Majesty” is the culinary variety for the four-legged guests. There is a wide selection of cat food from all well-known brands on board, and the cats can “choose” which manufacturer they prefer. Whether wet food gourmet menus or crunchy snacks, every cat's taste is catered for here.

In addition to the culinary delights, the ship offers a variety of activities designed specifically for the entertainment and well-being of cats. These include an adventure playground that allows for exploring and climbing in a safe environment, and the Cat Wellness Center, which offers everything from massages to beauty treatments.

For human guests, Meow Majesty offers a series of cat-centered workshops and lectures where they can learn more about the care, health and behavior of their pets. Evening entertainment is provided by the cat video cinema and live shows celebrating the special relationship between humans and animals.

A dream too good to be true?

With all of these amazing features and the promise of taking the bond between cats and their owners to a whole new level, the Meow Majesty looks to be the ultimate cruise ship. But pause for a moment - because we must reveal that this incredible journey into the world of cat lovers is an imaginative creation for April Fools' Day. An April Fool's joke that certainly made cat lovers' hearts beat faster for a moment.

Although the "Meow Majesty" will not set sail, the idea of ​​such a cat paradise on the water remains an amusing thought for those who love their four-legged friends. Until such a dream becomes a reality, may the adventures at home and the countless hours of joy our cats bring us continue to enrich our lives.