MSC Seascape with Robotron ride

MSC Seascape with Robotron ride

September 01, 2022 | From December 2022, the MSC Seascape will offer “Robotron”, the first high-tech entertainment experience of its kind with innovative robot technology for the ultimate adrenaline rush

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MSC Seascape - Photo MSC

MSC Cruises today announced more details about the innovative entertainment technology on board the MSC Seascape. With her commissioning in December of this year, new entertainment facilities will also find their way aboard the MSC Seascape. The highlight will be "Robotron" - a robot-based action ride that combines the thrill of a roller coaster at sea with a customized DJ experience. In addition, the ship offers two brand new virtual reality experiences and a whole range of other exciting high-tech entertainment.

Brandon Briggs, SVP Onboard Revenues of MSC Cruises, said: “We are delighted to introduce guests to MSC Seascape with a variety of high-tech offerings to meet their desire for the latest thrills. "Robotron", the first ride of this type on a cruise ship, is ideally suited for this and enables a new, immersive experience. More virtual reality entertainment with special effects and simulations will provide unforgettable experiences with wow effect."

MSC Cruises is constantly working to create new and innovative experiences. With the MSC Seascape, the bar has been raised even higher: "Robotron" is a state-of-the-art robotic arm with an attached gondola for three guests, located 53 meters above the sea. Guests have a 360° view to the horizon while moving over the edge of the deck, turning in different directions and even upside down.

At the same time, ride occupants will enjoy a customizable DJ experience, where guests will accompany their ride with their favorite music, which they can choose before the ride. Rhythm and bass are visualized as colorful patterns, light impulses and dancing people, while the robotic arm moves, twists and turns to the beat. Guests can also choose the level of thrill, making Robotron both family-friendly and action-packed.

In addition to "Robotron" there is on board the MSC Seascape more high-tech entertainment:

  • VR 360° flight simulator: With the thrill of an outdoor roller coaster, this simulator is the ultimate virtual experience with VR headsets and amazing special effects. Guests can choose between different worlds.
  • VR Motorcycles: Guests who love speed will be delighted with the new VR motorbikes on MSC Seascape. Players feel like they are on a race track, with wind and water effects completing the experience.
  • MSC Formula Racer: This activity is the perfect pastime for racing enthusiasts looking for maximum speed. In this exciting racing simulation game with realistic effects, the guests sit in the driver's seat and enjoy the adrenaline rush.
  • XD cinema: As soon as the guests have put on their 3D glasses, they are immersed in alternative worlds in which they compete against zombies or skeletons, for example. They collect points for their victory.

MSC Seascape routes

The MSC Seascape will be christened in a glamorous ceremony in New York on December 7th of this year and will then dock in her homeport of PortMiami, from where she will sail the Caribbean year-round on two different 7-night itineraries:

  • Eastern Caribbean: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve (Bahamas), Nassau (Bahamas), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic)
  • Western Caribbean: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve (Bahamas), Cozumel (Mexico), George Town (Cayman Islands) and Ocho Rios (Jamaica)

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