MSC WORLD CRUISE 2026 - MSC Magnifica

MSC WORLD CRUISE 2026 - MSC Magnifica

December 6, 2023 – Bookings for the MSC World Cruise 2026 with the MSC Magnifica can now be made. The unforgettable journey departs between January 5th and 7th, 2026 in three European ports: Genoa (Italy), Marseille (France) and Barcelona (Spain).

Your dream of traveling around the world becomes reality: 119 days, 32 countries, 47 destinations

msc world cruise 2026 msc magnifica

Booking start: Available now
Travel data: January 5th to May 3rd, 2026 from/to Genoa (Portofino)
                          January 6th to May 4th, 2026 from/to Marseille (Provence)
                          January 7th to May 5th, 2026 from/to Barcelona

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Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with the MSC World Cruise 2026 aboard the magnificent MSC Magnifica. This epic cruise takes you across four continents, 119 countries and 32 breathtaking destinations in 47 days.

Itinerary and highlights

Europe: Cultural Jewels and Historical Wonders
  • Italy: Experience the beauty of Civitavecchia and Genoa.
  • Marseilles, France: Enjoy French charm.
  • Barcelona, ​​Spain: Immerse yourself in Catalan culture.
  • Portugal: Discover the hidden treasures of Portugal.
Caribbean and Central America: Splendid colors and exotic landscapes
  • Explore vibrant cities and stunning landscapes in the Caribbean.
  • Visit Costa Rica, a paradise for nature and adventure lovers.
USA and Pacific Ocean: Breathtaking skylines and natural wonders
  • San Francisco: Marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge and experience the cosmopolitan flair.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: Sun, beach and Hawaiian culture.
  • Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia: Experience the uniqueness of the Pacific.
Asia: Cultural Diversity and Modern Metropolises
  • Tokyo, Japan: A mosaic of tradition and modernity.
  • Shanghai, China: Immerse yourself in the dynamics of one of East Asia's leading business centers.
  • Hong Kong: A fascinating interplay of culture and commerce.
Middle East: tradition meets modernity
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Experience the combination of futuristic architecture and traditional culture.
  • Oman: Discover the beauty of the Arab world.
  • Return via Greece: A final stop in the cradle of Western civilization.

Includes shore excursions and booking benefits

  • 15 included shore excursions: Immerse yourself deeply in the cultures and landscapes.
  • Full board and drinks package: Enjoy exquisite cuisine and fine drinks.
  • 30% discount on laundry services.
  • Special benefits for MSC Voyager Club members: Including discounts and loyalty points.

On board the MSC Magnifica: luxury and comfort

  • First class accommodation: Comfortable and stylish cabins.
  • Gastronomic diversity: Several gourmet restaurants offer culinary highlights from around the world.
  • Entertainment and activities: From theme evenings and language courses to guest speakers.
  • Entspannung und Wellness: Enjoy the MSC Aurea Spa and pool area.
  • Sport and fitness: Stay active at the gym and tennis club.

Book now: your world trip awaits

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