nicko cruises invests millions in VASCO DA GAMA

nicko cruises invests millions in VASCO DA GAMA

March 3, 2021 - The cruise operator nicko cruises Schiffsreisen GmbH is investing a double-digit million euro amount in the conversion of the ocean-going ship VASCO DA GAMA, which was previously operated by CMV. The cruise ship named after the Portuguese navigator and explorer will be in the Lisnave shipyard near Lisbon visually and technically prepared for the requirements of the Stuttgart cruise operator.

The VASCO DA GAMA drove for many years under the name Statendam for the Holland America Line. Then P&O Australia used the 219 meter long ship under the name Pacific Eden. The British shipping company CMV acquired the ship in 2019. Among other things, it "sailed" for the CMV brand TransOcean, which is popular with German holidaymakers. After CMV went bankrupt in 2020, the nicko cruises the ship. The ship (built in 1993) went through extensive renovations when the operator changed in 2015 and 2017. The currently pending measures include numerous optical and technical innovations.


VASCO DA GAMA © nicko cruises Schiffsreisen GmbH

Visually, the VASCO DA GAMA is getting a new coat of paint, and the cabins, suites and balconies are given a fresh design. The carpets, furnishings and curtains in the cabins are being redesigned. The 29 suites will be completely renovated. The balconies and verandas get new furniture.

VASCO DA GAMA - Suite with balcony

VASCO DA GAMA - Suite with balcony © nicko cruises Schiffsreisen GmbH

Technical improvements increase the sustainability of ship operations. The diesel-electric drives are being overhauled. Heavy fuel oil is generally avoided; instead, sulfur-reduced marine gas oil is used. The ship is equipped with an SCR catalytic converter that reduces nitrogen oxides by up to 95 percent. The system significantly exceeds the current requirements for environmental protection in sensitive sailing areas such as the North and Baltic Seas. This year it is already well above the requirements that will apply to driving through the Norwegian coastal landscapes from 2025.

VASCO DA GAMA is also getting a new sewage system. It offers excellent wastewater quality, reduces suspended solids to zero and meets the latest international and local requirements without the consumption of chemicals. According to the shipping company, the treated wastewater corresponds to the quality of bathing water.

Incidentally, nicko cruises point out their proven infection protection and hygiene concept. A 10-point plan ensures safe and comfortable travel in the current Corona times.