nicko cruises: VASCO DA GAMA's maiden voyage from Kiel

nicko cruises: VASCO DA GAMA's maiden voyage from Kiel

June 30, 2021 - After the successful debut of the WORLD VOYAGER in the Canary Islands and the Azores, the VASCO DA GAMA, the second ocean-going ship of the established river shipping company, will start its service for German-speaking guests on July 13. The maiden voyage leads from Kiel to Denmark, Sweden and the Estonian Tallinn.

It's still there VASCO DA GAMA in the Lisnave shipyard near Lisbon. During its stay in the shipyard, the ship underwent extensive changes and design upgrades of the public rooms as well as the cabins and suites. In addition, the ship technology was optimized. The former Holland America Line Statendam will soon be leaving the Portuguese shipyard. The classic cruise ship is expected in Kiel on July 12.

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VASCO DA GAMA starts on July 13th Kiel for a 15-day Baltic Sea cruise. It leads to Denmark, Sweden and Estonia. Like other shipping companies, nicko cruises is still affected by the closure of individual ports for cruise ships. Above all, the renouncement of the Norwegian ports is significant. However, the shipping company is of the opinion that the program offered in Denmark and Sweden is a good alternative.

The VASCO DA GAMA is one of the classic ocean-going ships. It offers its guests spacious indoor and outdoor areas. Lunch and dinner are taken in five on-board restaurants. The table times are flexible. The ship has several bars and lounges, a wellness area with sauna, a fitness center and sports areas on the outside decks. Two pools and a show theater round off the on-board program. There are 16 different cabin categories with a size between 16 and 107 square meters. Nicko cruises offers childcare for children from the age of two.
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On its first trip, the VASCO DA GAMA is two days in Copenhagen. The ship then follows Bornholm. The next day she travels to Visby in Sweden and then to Tallinn / Estonia. From there the journey through the archipelago leads to Stockholm for two days. The next destination is Fredericia in Denmark, followed by Aalborg and Gothenburg in Sweden. Before going back to Kiel, visit VASCO DA GAMA Skagen, the northernmost city in Denmark.  

In view of the corona pandemic, the shipping company has developed a hygiene concept. More about this under WORLD VOYAGER, Cruises under COVID 19 conditions.