Spectrum of the Seas masters Emspassage

March 21, 2019 - Royal Caribbeans' latest newbuilding, the Spectrum of the Seas, left the shipyard of MEYER WERFT in Papenburg yesterday morning. The subsequent Emspassage completed the cruise ship on Thursday in Eemshaven, the Netherlands, off Borkum.

The Spectrum of the Seas, Royal Caribbeans fourth ship of the Quantum class with hull number S.700, measures 347 meters in length and 41,40 meters in width. According to the shipyard, it is measured at 168.666 GT. The ship should offer space for around 4.200 passengers.

It takes a sure instinct and a lot of patience to maneuver such a giant ship through the Ems. Originally, the Emspassage, assisted by two tugs, was supposed to start twelve hours earlier. The start had to be postponed due to the water level of the Ems. The journey on the dammed Ems was scheduled for 24 hours.

Spectrum of the Seas at the shipyard quay

Spectrum of the Seas at the Werftkai © 2019 MEYER WERFT GmbH & Co. KG

The transfer from the shipyard to the North Sea was affected by too much water in the Ems. High headwater inflows made it necessary to open the gates of the Ems barrier in order to lower the level. In itself, the higher water level would have made the Emspassage easier, but with due regard for breeding bird species, the Ems may only be dammed up to 2,70 meters above sea level during this time of year. Many onlookers watched the spectacular maneuver.

Environmentalists generally criticize such ship overpasses because of the loads that occur on the river and its banks. The employees of MEYER WERFT and their suppliers may see such procedures in a different light than the critics.



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