TUI Cruises: Planning for post-corona times

TUI Cruises: Planning for post-corona times

May 13, 2020 - TUI AG presents itself with the hashtag #holidays2020 - Holidays rethought in times of Corona. The company's CEO,Friedrich Joussen, comments on matters relating to TUI Cruises. After all, TUI AG is one of the two shareholders in the Hamburg cruise line. According to current plans, the brand will be present on the high seas again by the end of August 2020 at the latest.

By the end of August 2020 at the latest, the TUI cruise ships will join lower utilization Carrying passengers. The ships generally offer space for around 3.000 passengers. The initial load will be a third of the usual passenger capacity, i.e. H. are less than 1.000 guests.

The new Mein Schiff 2 in pre-Corona times

The new Mein Schiff 2 in pre-Corona times

Strict health checks are carried out before boarding. There are no self-service buffets and the public areas are limited to a third of their capacity. A maximum of ten children are allowed access to the children's facilities. In the future, we will work closely with the administrations of the ports called in order to regulate any COVID-19 cases that may arise. The following individual measures are to be expected.

Health questionnaires, screening before boarding (for crew and guests, e.g. temperature measurement), staggered boarding

New start with a lower occupancy rate (up to August 31, max. 1.000 guests) - this allows even more distance in the public areas.

Restaurants: no self-service, theater: only every third place occupied, kids club: max. 10 children, wellness and sport: fewer guests per area.

OPP level 3 (e.g. cleaning of frequently touched surfaces every 30 minutes), corona test devices on board, additional health staff on board.

According to Friedrich Joussen, TUI Cruises will undertake mini cruises. For this purpose, the company is moving ships to northern Germany. "Short cruises" are planned in the North Sea with a maximum of 1000 guests on the ship. Security is to be guaranteed.

It remains to be seen when these trips will be offered. The company is unlikely to have to complain about a lack of demand.



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