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September 1, 2022 – The Jeckliner sets sail for the third time in 2023 with numerous top acts! The Mein Schiff 4 is scheduled to sail through the Mediterranean from May 01st to 05th, 2023 from Mallorca.

Be there when it says again: Helau, Alaaf & Ahoy! On the four-day cruise, revelers from all over the world can celebrate in an atmospheric way - sway with us through the most beautiful "Zick" of the year, when it says "Jeckliner - that's what we call Jlöck". 

Mein Schiff 6 - the Jeckliner

The Jeckliner - Photo © TUI CRUISES 

The Jeckliner 3 sets sail on May 01.05.2023st, XNUMX in Palma de Mallorca, the Mein Schiff 4 picks up speed Ajaccio in Corsica and Barcelona and runs again on 05.05.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Majorca a. Rhenish top acts such as the "Räuber", "Klüngelköpp", "Paveier" and many more will be there, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere throughout the journey through the Mediterranean. Jeckliner sessions, sing-along concerts, meet & greets, dance courses with Tanzmariechen Jenny and workshops provide further highlights on board.

Mein Schiff 4

Mein Schiff 4

Line up

The established band around front man, producer and label owner Micky Nauber was founded in 2006 and is one of the most popular Cologne bands live. The passionate musicians enjoy a reputation as an outstanding live band, stand for powerful sound and feel equally at home with catchy catchy tunes, lyrics with depth, wit and irony. The DOMSTüRMER have their home base in the south of Cologne. Their soundtrack is constantly growing, telling stories with humor and feeling, mostly "op Kölsch", knows no genre boundaries and is an invitation to turn it up, dance, take a deep breath and pause on stormy terrain. And that applies unplugged in a church as well as with revelers in an arena.

DJ Andy & DJ Jürgen
For many years, DJ Andy and DJ Jürgen from First Class Entertainment have stood for the cool and funky sound at the Cologne carnival. The two friends have been working as DJs at events of all kinds for over 30 years and play top events in Cologne Carnival (Kamellebud Goldene Jungs, Jeck Friday, session opening or Pappna's party in the Gaffel am Dom, After Zoch parties on Shrove Monday, etc.), the Travel tourism and business events of all kinds. Both guarantee a top atmosphere on deck and, like on the first two tours, look forward to the Jeckliner guests.

Funky Marys
The Funky Marys - "Die Mädche vum Rhing" have been the most successful and well-known women's Kölsch (carnival) formation for many years.
They convince with power, great voices, charisma, stirring songs and a fresh and dance-intensive stage show. Supplemented by a large portion of female charm, they spread a great atmosphere and a lot of fun. With their party-ready Kölsch pop songs, such as "DANZE", #TAKT or "En Woch Lang Wach", they are an integral part of all DJs and are not missing at any (carnival) party. Catchy tune guarantee included!

Jenny Peggen
After 30 years of Tanzmariechen experience as a trainer, Jenny will stay with us as a trainer and will choreograph a new dance to Cologne hits and the Jeckliner anthem, which you can learn in and which will be presented on the big stage.
Of course, everyone can take part again, male or female, young or old, with or without dance experience.

Cover op the Cologne way. Under this motto, the 6 musicians searched and found each other. As befits a real carnival band, their journey through the halls and tents of Cologne and its surroundings started on November 11.11.2018th, 100. Since then they have been heating up the Cologne dialect scene successfully and XNUMX% live with well-known hits from old to young. In the meantime, they don't stop at big stages anymore, the boys and dat girls can take pride in concerts in front of several thousand spectators. Successful arrangements with their own touch, polyphonic singing and the obvious fun with the Cologne songs on stage characterize the overall picture of the band.

Since it was founded in 2003 by accordion artist Robert Kowalak, keyboarder Jochen Damm and guitarist Frank Binninger, the KLÜNGELKÖPP have been able to play their way into the top group of Cologne bands. Three victories in TOP JECK, the carnival hit parade of Radio Cologne, as well as twice winning the foolish Oscars (audience prize of the Cologne Express) show the popularity of the group with carnival organizers and the public. With up to 250 session performances, a further 150 year-round performances and numerous appearances on TV and radio, the Klüngelköpp are now one of the most sought-after bands in Cologne! Titles such as "Stääne", "Kölsche Fiesta" or "Wo die Stääne sin - Ballon" are among the most played hits in Cologne.

Lieselotte Lotterrag
The incomparable comedy lady from Limburg an der Lahn with the tongue flick of an iguana is the undisputed favorite of the audience! – awarded artist of the year 2010, 2013, 2014 & 2018 by the German artist magazine! Hilarious, spontaneous and with her unmistakably lovable nature, Lieselotte exudes a uniquely fresh scent of lightness, wit and glamorous esprit. The lady with the huge heart and the nimble tongue quickly becomes the secret star of your next event! At Lieselotte, every appearance is always new and unique.

Martin Schopps
Martin Schopps earned his comedic spurs on the stages of Rhenish cheerfulness - a challenge. It all began 17 years ago at the Cologne carnival, to which he is still loyal. There, the 44-year-old with his biting humor has long been part of the Champions League of the speakers' guild. After a number of short appearances in Gürzenich, Sartory and LanxessArena, the thoroughbred entertainer is now presenting his experiences in his first solo program. With sovereign lightness, paired with high gag frequency and variety of punch lines, he convinced with "Tafeldienst" at the Cologne Comedy Festival.

Since it was founded in 1983, the pavers have become an integral part of the Cologne music scene. With hits like “Leev Marie” or classics like “It's Beautiful Life”, the Paveier appear live on stage around 350 times a year. With their concerts and great songs, the six musicians have played their way into the front row of Cologne's bands and into the hearts of the fans. Everyone likes to find themselves in their texts. Not least because of their musical diversity, the Paveier are among the best-known Cologne bands.

Philip Godart
Philipp Godart stands for modern pop music in the Cologne style. A voice, a guitar and an artist who hasn't just been on stage since yesterday. At least since his appearances on the TUI Jeckliner, Philipp has been an integral part of the Cologne music scene with songs like "Iwig", "Perfek" and "Et bliev esu". Described by some as the "Cologne Ed Sheeran", Philipp sings songs about friendship, love, homeland and things that move the heart.

With frontman and exceptional talent Sven West, keyboarder and founder Kurt Feller - affectionately known as "Captain Kurt" - the action-packed Andreas Dorn alias Schrader on the power guitar and with two motivated smart guys in the form of Thommy Pieper on drums and Martin Zander on bass as the strong new rhythm faction in the back one goes with numerous hits of the last years among others "Dat es Heimat", "Für die Iwigkeit", "Kumm loss jonn", "Mia" and with their many evergreens ("Denn Wenn et Trömmelche jeht" , Op dem Maat”, “Kölsche Junge bütze joot”, “Am Eigelstein es Musik”) on an anniversary tour.

Volker Weininger
Since 2012, Volker Weininger has been involved in his type as "The President of the Meeting" at the Cologne carnival and can also be seen there regularly in the ARD television session. Volker Weininger (born 1971) grew up in the Windecker Ländchen and studied German and English in Bonn to become a teacher. Since 2008 he has presented three cabaret programmes, for which he has been awarded the Lower Rhine cabaret prize "Das Schwarze Schaf", the jury prize of the Reinheimer Satirelöwen, the audience prize for the Paulaner solo, the Hallertauer Kleinkunstpreis and the audience prize of the Eifel Kulturtage. Volker Weininger lives in Bonn. In addition to his stage work, he also works as an author. Among other things, he writes for the Cologne stunk session and contributed screenplays for the WDR series “The Third Way to Education”.

Wolfgang Staircase
When cabaret artist Wolfgangtrepper gets going, there's no stopping him: he rumbles and gets upset, analyzes politicians and TV presenters, series and football dramas - and of course hit lyrics. He spent hours in front of the telly for his audience to give a quick overview of what you don't need to see. In this way, everyone who deserves it gets their fat off and gets their march properly blown - there is no shortage of types and topics. In addition to his brute style, Wolfgangtrepper can also play very soft tones. The visitor experiences everything: weeping with joy and weeping with contemplation.

Services included

The Jeckliner includes a wide range of culinary offerings and premium-quality branded drinks throughout the day in most bars and restaurants. The price also includes all Jeckliner performances on board as well as the supporting program with morning shopping, meet & greets and dance courses. The use of the spa and sauna area, various sports offers and the German-speaking tour guide are also included in the travel price.

  • Exclusive performances by "Klüngelköpp", "Paveier" and many other top acts*
  • Morning pint
  • Exciting Jecken supporting program
  • My ship ® Services included

* All performances are included. No tickets required, free choice of seats, no seat guarantee

Unfortunately, Jeckliner 3 has already ended, but the next Jeckliner can already be booked:

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The 4 Day JourneyJeckliner 4 - 2024" with the Mein Schiff 3 from/to Kiel from September 15.09th to September 19.09.2024th, 899 with the Jeckliner program and the Mein Schiff Premium inclusive services in an inside cabin with double occupancy from 989 euros per person. An outside cabin is available from 1.049 euros and a balcony cabin from XNUMX euros per person, each in the PRO tariff.  Overview of Jeckliner cruise on the Tui Cruises website. 

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