Vasco da Gama cannot call at Visby

Vasco da Gama cannot call at Visby

August 26, 2021 - The Vasco da Gama, nicko cruises' ocean-going ship, was scheduled to call at Visby port on Gotland / Sweden at 13pm today. An hour before the planned arrival, the approximately 00 guests on board the ship learned that this destination had been removed from the route list. 

vasco da gama in the harbor

Vasco da Gama in the harbor

The reason given by the Greek captain was strong winds that would prevent the boat from entering. The decision was apparently made after consultation with the pilot, who came on board for a short time and then went back to the pilot boat. the Vasco da Gama should leave the port of Visby at 20.00pm after a seven-hour layover. The cruise director justified the failure with "force majeure". Guests who have booked excursions will be credited with the costs. The next stop is Gothenburg. No alternative ports have been named so far.

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