"Northern Intermezzo" - cruise bargains on the marina


Oceania Cruises is offering spontaneous travelers a cruise bargain on June 2012 Oceania Marina at. The "Northern Intermezzo" titled cruise starts on 18.06.2012/XNUMX/XNUMX in Dover and leads to Iceland via Irish and Scottish ports. From there it goes on to the Faroe Islands and Norway. The 15-day trip (14 nights) ends on July 02.07.2012nd, XNUMX in Copenhagen.

The trip is interesting not just because of its goals. Rather, very attractive prices are being offered for the 26 m² balcony cabins. Concierge cabins on the 9th, 10th and 11th deck are available for 2.712 euros. Those who book too late have to be satisfied with the Veranda Staterooms on decks 7 and 8, given the same prices.

All of this is really not a bad offer. The trip can be made at cruise number 29920 e-hoi.de   get booked.

Well done video of the marina of Oceania Cruises