AIDAaura - Mediterranean 11

05.03.2015 - Since 18:00pm on Thursday, AIDA Cruises has been offering the Mediterranean 11 cruise with the AIDAaura as a temptation of the week.

The cruise with the AIDAaura starts in Palma de Mallorca. The time until departure at 22:00pm should be used to visit one of the many "Mallorca attractions" to visit.

The next morning the AIDAaura arrives at the port of Olbia in Sardinia. A visit to the neighboring island of Maddalena, which is offered by AIDA, is interesting here. Take the bus to the port of Palau and from there take the ferry over to the island of Maddalena. After a panoramic trip over the island, you can still explore the old town with a stay in Maddalena town.

The next destination is the port city of Civitavecchia, from which one can best explore Rome. In the article "Discover Rome by train“, We report on one of the countless possibilities to explore the city of Rome.

The next day, the AIDAaura reaches the port of Ajaccio in Corsica. Here you can take a trip to the white sandy beach of Porticcio or explore the island's capital and see the Napoleon monument, for example.

The next port on the Mediterranean 11 route is Cannes. A tour through the city of Cannes with the following stops, for example, a visit to the old town Le Suquet, the old port and the boulevard La Croisette with the Palace of the Film Festival. A visit to the castle museum and the Mont Chevalier tower. If you already know Cannes, a tour to Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo could also be interesting.

The following day the AIDAaura arrives in Barcelona. We report on one possibility to explore Barcelona in the article "4 hours in Barcelona".

On the last day of the voyage, the AIDAaura will return to the port of Palma de Mallorca.

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AIDAaura - © AIDA Cruises

AIDA temptation with the AIDAaura this week:

7 days western Mediterranean 11 from 899 euros p. P.

Route: from Mallorca, Olbia, Rome / Civitavecchia, Ajaccio, Cannes, Barcelona, ​​Mallorca
Ship: AIDAaura
departures: 09.05.2015 and 16.05.2015

 route mediterranean11 aidaaura 2015

Details of the route AIDAaura Mediterranean 11

TagsPortCountry / islandArrivalsDeparture

Palma de Mallorca Majorca - 22:00

Olbia Sardinia 8:00 18:00

Rome / Civitavecchia Italy 8:00 20:00

Ajaccio Corsica 10:00 20:00

Cannes France 7:00 17:00

Barcelona Spain 12:00 19:00

Palma de Mallorca Majorca 6:00 -

to the AIDA lure


This AIDA temptation of the week can be booked until February 05.03.2015th, XNUMX.

You can find more information about the current AIDA lure of the week during the campaign period at: AIDA Cruises