AIDAdiva - Mediterranean 20 - AIDA lure of the week offer

13.02.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX - Since Thursday, 12.02.2015 AIDA is again offering a new lure of the week. 

The cruise with the AIDAdiva starts in Sharm El-Sheikh, from there the journey continues to one of the highlights of the cruise - the journey through the Suez Canal. On the Suez Canal Passage, a ship takes you through the middle of the desert. After reaching the eastern Mediterranean, the first stop is Heraklion on Crete. A trip to the Palace of Knossos or a visit to the old town of Heraklion is worthwhile.

Another highlight of the trip is Valletta in Malta. A trip to Mdina in the interior of the island is highly recommended. The destination port is the island of Mallorca. It is advisable to take a few more days of vacation after the cruise Mallorca to spend, as the island offers a lot of sights in addition to beaches.

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The following attractive AIDA temptation with the AIDAdiva is available this week:

8 day Mediterranean 20 cruise from 499 euros1 p. P

From the cultural treasures of the Greeks and Pharaohs to the fantastic underwater worlds of the Red Sea. Bright white houses against an azure blue sky welcome you to Valetta. Crete inspires with breathtaking nature. On the Suez Canal Passage, you will travel by ship through the middle of the desert.

Route: from Sharm El-Sheikh, Suez Canal Passage, Crete, Valletta, Mallorca
Ship: AIDAdiva

 route mediterranean 20 aidadiva 2015

AIDAdiva Mediterranean Route 20

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt - 22:00
Suez Canal Passage Egypt 1:00 21:00
Heraklion Crete 7:00 17:00
Valletta Malta 8:00 15:00
Palma de Mallorca Mallorca 6:00 -

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This AIDA temptation of the week can be booked until February 19.02.2015th, XNUMX.

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