Exciting Caribbean tours in 2020

Hardly any other region is as breathtakingly beautiful and at the same time full of adventurous stories from the past centuries as the Caribbean.

Grand Turk 101 Governors Beach

Grand Turk-Governors Beach

The islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico are among the largest of the Caribbean Antilles. Since its discovery by Christopher Columbus, the region has become a scene of legends about seafaring, pirates and lost gold treasures. With picturesque beaches, turquoise water and a tropical climate, the region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many cruise ships stop in the large Caribbean ports. This article takes a look at a few of the most interesting Caribbean cruises on offer in 2020. 

Many shipping companies - one trip

There are many different shipping companies that send their cruise ships towards the tropical paradise. A first step on the way to a Caribbean vacation is to find the right provider. Not only aspects such as the price, the appropriate travel time and the expected range of entertainment options must be taken into account. Issues such as the implementation of environmental protection measures, the reputation of the shipping company and the selection of the ports served can also be decisive for the decision. Some of the shipping companies represented in the Caribbean are AIDA, Costa, MSC, Norwegian and TUI. Not to mention the US heavyweights Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Especially in the winter months, when most tourists want to escape the snow and ice of winter, all providers will use a particularly large number of ships in the region. The Caribbean is particularly suitable for this, as it is 26-30 ° C there at this time of the year. 

Price and entertainment

In terms of prices, cruises in the Caribbean cover the whole range. Short cruises can be booked for just under € 250. Long cruises with up to 40 overnight stays and stopovers in Canada, the USA, Bermuda and the Greater Antilles can easily cost over € 6.000. 

With so many days at sea, the entertainment should of course be right. In fact, cruise ships are floating resorts that come up with differentiated offers. This includes, among other things, spectacular shows, sophisticated sports and wellness offers or high-performance ship casinos. The casinos at sea, for example, are equipped with roulette and blackjack tables as well as numerous slot machines. Of course, these have hardly anything to do with the "one-armed bandits" as we know them from old films. Instead, they are electronically complex machines that offer a lot of entertainment in between with their topics. The range of games on board contributes significantly to the variety and pastime on the high seas, especially on days at sea. 

Sample tours in 2020

curacao trade cade

 Curacao trade cade

The ports visited on a Caribbean tour differ considerably. The short tours mostly start in Florida and head for destinations in the Greater Antilles. The larger and longer tours, on the other hand, can also contain an Atlantic crossing. That's how it works MSC in November 2020 various destinations in the south of the Caribbean. The trips lead from Miami to Jamaica, Colombia, Panama or Mexico. In addition to every imaginable comfort on board, the MSC Divina also sets standards in environmental protection; a topic that is always of great importance for cruise ships. 

The AIDAperla drives for AIDA in the Caribbean on the Caribbean Islands 1 and Caribbean Islands 2 routes in the 2020 season.  In addition to other islands, the ABC islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are called.

The Costa Deliziosa however, her journey begins at the end of November in the port of Venice and first heads for various destinations in the Mediterranean. Then the nine-day crossing leads over the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. After 24 nights, the ship arrives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Costa Deliziosa is pure Italy: emotions and various original works by Italian artists are the focus of what is happening on board. 

TUI Cruises With Mein Schiff, the focus is more on qualitative, especially culinary delights. Various bars and lounges as well as restaurants with on-site service leave nothing to be desired. In addition, TUI guests are offered an extensive spa and sports area. Controls early November to late March TUIs Mein Schiff 2 many small Caribbean islands on the outer edge of the Caribbean Sea. These individual destinations are usually neglected on many other cruises, as they mainly call at the large ports of the Greater Antilles.

The norwegian after all, everything is all about good entertainment. The shipping company's newest ship, Norwegian Escape, features two musicals. Both were honored with the influential Toni ® Award. Not only musicals from New York's Broadway are presented on board, but the cruise starts at the end of November in the metropolis on the east coast of the USA. The route runs from New York City via Florida, the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands to Belize and Mexico. Then it's back to New York City, where the trip ends. 

There are a few small things to consider when cruising the Caribbean. This includes long-haul flights and, for departures from a US port, the ESTA online visa. In the end, however, you spend your holiday with all providers and at all times in places that, thanks to their breathtaking beauty, make every stay an unforgettable experience.