Sound waves - Mein Schiff 1 Festival at Sea 2015

03.02.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX - Santiano sets sail with guests for a musical pirate voyage. Bands like Wingenfelder (Ex-Fury in the Slaughterhouse), Fools Garden or Pohlmann board the Mein Schiff 1.

From Hamburg via Oslo and Copenhagen to Kiel you can experience concerts, meet & greets, music sessions, autograph sessions and many other highlights.

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SOUND WAVES - Mein Schiff 1
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Sun, 23.08.2015 - Thu, 27.08.2015 from 1.099


  • Hamburg - Oslo - Copenhagen - Kiel

Travel date: 23.08. - 27.08.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX

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Band information


The light in the hall goes out. Waves whipped up by the storm billowed over the big screen in the background of the stage. A huge seven-master named Santiano defies the powerful tides and the band of the same name lays down in folk-rock style. This is Santiano live. Santiano is probably the most successful German band these days. Rough North German seaman's choirs, European folk songs in pop and rock garb determine the musical concept of the group, which in just two years has managed to rise to the elite of the German musical landscape.

Anna Depenbusch

Anna Depenbusch is a poetic storyteller and master of breaks. Her songs are about the peculiarities of everyday life, about life and love in all its facets. She shapes stories out of truth, fantasy and irony. She slips into the role of the lover, the injured, the dreamer and the observer.
Her voice fills the room with an infinite amount of feeling. She whispers and whistles, caresses, trembles, mocks and touches. And sometimes, like in the dynamic “Haifischbarpolka”, suddenly flickering images of the cabaret of the twenties flit past. Then the piano seems to bend under Anna's fingers and breathe like an accordion.

Wingenfelder (Ex-Fury in the Slaughterhouse)

The two brothers Kai and Thorsten earned themselves with their band Fury in the Slaughterhouse Wingenfelder nationwide fame in the 80s and 90s. As Wingenfelder the brothers duo still inspire their audience. You are an extraordinary live appearance. With a mix of new and old Wingenfelder-Songs, self-interpretations of Fury classics framed by sad-funny-beautiful stories about life or what we sometimes take to be, they have Wingenfelder-Brothers and their band played into the hearts of a loyal fan base.


His voice, shaped by Cat Stevens, Tracy Chapman and Bob Marley. His music, a little Jack Johnson guitar folk, a little Bruce Springsteen rock, a little classic pop, a little country rock. His kind, Westphalian warmth. He tends to target himself ironically, but is always passionate. This is Pohlmann - the king of the street.

Fools garden

With “Lemontree” the band achieved a world hit. Their music is heard all over the world and the band has sold well over six million records worldwide. Lemontree has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and is already considered a classic today.

Maggie Reilly

There are few female artists who can look back on such a diverse and successful career as Maggie Reilly. From the beginning of the seventies with her group Cado Belle, through her world career as a singer and stage attraction for the Mike Oldfield Group, to a highly regarded institution as a solo artist, Maggie Reilly has been an integral part of show business for almost 40 years.

Norman Wedge

There are not many of them: honest and good singer-songwriters who profess deep emotions in the intoxication of their guitar playing and tell stories from their own lives or from the lives of other people. Stories that really exist. Stories that touch the listener deep inside and tell them, yes, it's worth listening to me! Normann Keil is one of those rare artists.


The newcomer 2012, made famous from the casting show the X-FACTOR, won over a broad TV audience nationwide. Björn Paulsen is probably the northernmost singer / songwriter of the modern kind, who is now moving out with his band to let the country participate in his stories.

Baltic Sea Child

Irish Music inspired by the Pogues with a classic Irish line-up and the voice of Kai Wingenfelder who has already written great pop songs with Fury in the Slaughterhouse. 6 snot boys from the coast and a girl on the violin with music for legs and for the heart.

Tears for Beers

Tears for Beers, the folk 'n' roll legend from Northern Germany, is always a guarantee for a good party atmosphere with its unique sound somewhere between the Pogues, Dubliners and Hooters.

Nils Hofmann

Nils Hofmann is a charming rampage pig! He covers well-known songs with his acoustic guitar in his own way. Songs by Amy Winehouse, U2 or John Lennon, for example, are rearranged and newly offered. Normally he travels all over Europe with his band Mandowar, but here he presents his personal favorites!



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