With AIDAnova, AIDA Cruises penultimate new build, a new generation of ships was heralded that sets standards both inside and outside the AIDA Cruises fleet. The ship is 37 meters longer than the previously commissioned AIDAprima and AIDAperla. The number of cabins has increased by 983 compared to the AIDAperla to a total of 2.626 cabins. The number of guest beds corresponds to 5.252 with double occupancy.

AIDAnova also has a significantly lower impact on the environment than the other fleet members. By using LNG liquefied natural gas, emissions of particulate matter and sulfur oxides are largely avoided and nitrogen oxides and CO2 emissions are noticeably reduced. The proof: no more dark clouds of exhaust gas leave the ship's funnel.

AIDAnova in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AIDAnova in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

AIDAnova current routes and offers

AIDAnova - Norway 2024 / 2025
AIDAnova - Norway cruises from Kiel 2023

Overview of Norway cruises from Kiel with the AIDAnova in the 2024/2025 season

AIDAnova - Scandinavia 2024/2025
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Overview of Scandinavia cruises with the AIDAnova in the 2024/2025 season

AIDAnova has grown in size

The increase in ship length and the two additional decks create space for 983 additional cabins and suites. The size of the ship requires new interior designs. Attractive restaurants and bars were added and the STUDIO X became the first TV studio on the sea.

More cabins and suites

AIDAnova offers a total of 2.626 cabins and suites. Guests can choose from 21 different cabin variants. From the single inside cabin with an area of ​​10 m² to the five-person suite of 83 m² and a sun deck of up to 38 m², almost every wish is fulfilled.

Cabins wherever you look

Cabins wherever you look

The cabins are presented in a homely and clear design. The feel-good factor sets in right away. There is enough storage space and a number of light sources. The cabins are decorated in red or blue tones.

Veranda cabin with red tones
Veranda cabin with red tones

Both color variants look pleasing. The size of the bathrooms within the standard categories is perfectly adequate. In cabins with a portable wardrobe, however, the wet cells are usually smaller.

Inside cabin
Balcony cabin at the stern
Comfort veranda cabin
Comfort veranda cabin

The suite residents enjoy additional privileges such as priority check-in, priority baggage service on the day of arrival or assistance from a concierge. Guests in the standard cabins are offered a rather limited service compared to competitors. For example, you only see your cabin steward once a day. But that is an AIDA standard that is accepted by customers.

Junior suite with lounge
Terrace of a suite

Food and drink on board

A cruise ship with well over 5.000 guests must offer a variety of dining options. In the AIDAnova there are a total of 15 restaurants, three snack bars and 17 cafés and bars. The restaurant concepts differ significantly. As before on the AIDAperla and the AIDAprima, the guests can discover various dining options and, as a side effect, also consume drinks that are subject to a charge. It does not have to be the market restaurant that is unavoidable on AIDA ships where you eat. The shipping company definitely does what it advertises on the AIDAnova: "culinary diversity". A distinction is made between the following restaurant categories.

Gourmet restaurant Rossini
Gourmet restaurant Rossini

Buffet restaurants

Food and selected drinks are included - coffee and wine specialties for a surcharge - reservations not possible.

Bella Donna Restaurant - Deck 6

Bella Donna offers Italian specialties. Anyone who eats there makes no mistake.

Bella Donna Restaurant

Bella Donna Restaurant

East Restaurant - Deck 6

The East impresses with its clear, almost strict lines. Asian and European cuisine is skilfully mixed. The restaurant can also be recommended to those guests who do not immediately melt away with Asian cuisine.

East Restaurant
East Restaurant

Fuego Restaurant - Deck 16

A family restaurant with an attached children's buffet. The turbulent and loud Fuego is the hip "dining room" for burgers, pizza & Co.

Fuego restaurant

Fuego restaurant

Market Restaurant - Deck 5

The Markt Restaurant is one of the established institutions on AIDA ships. In the spacious restaurant, the focus is on seasonal freshness.

Markt Restaurant
Buffet in the market restaurant
Buffet in the market restaurant
Buffet in the market restaurant

Yacht Club Restaurant - Deck 7

At the stern of the ship, the yacht club offers "pleasure variety in maritime flair". Multimedia screens create a sea atmosphere. The food offer seems a bit limited compared to the other buffet restaurants. The yacht club has outdoor seating; that makes it particularly attractive.

Yachtclub Restaurant


Yachtclub Restaurant

Specialty restaurants

With service at the seat - drinks are to be paid for - reservations are recommended.

Best Burger @ Seas - Deck 7

The name is program. The burger station is open until midnight.

Best Burger @ Sea

Best Burger @ Sea

Brewhouse - Deck 8

In the brewery the guest can take the three main meals. The brewery is in top form in the evening. Then hearty meals and beers brewed on board are served. Chicken and pork knuckles are preferred. Depending on the destination, you can also eat outside. After dinner, the brewery turns into a party scene. Karaoke events or Bavarian evenings then determine the action.

Rustic in the brewery
Brewery - outside area
Entertainment in the brewery

French Kiss - the brasserie - deck 7

The Brasserie French Kiss stands for fine French specialties such as snails or beef fillet and exemplary service. For those who like it stylish: Breakfast is served with étagères at the seat. Visually, the restaurant is an asset to the ship. However, the guests placed in the corridor area experienced a lot of unrest.

French Kiss - the brasserie

French Kiss - the brasserie

Ocean's - the fish restaurant - deck 7

The Ocean's spoils with fresh fish and seafoold specialties. The quality of the food is really remarkable. In addition to the service on site, there is a buffet with fish rolls, salads and dessert. Our tip: reserve early or hope for a lucky hit. Our verdict: absolutely great.

Ocean's - the fish restaurant

Ocean's - the fish restaurant

Ristorante Casa Nova - Deck 8

The restaurant is the right place to enjoy Italian delicacies. The furnishings borrowed from Venetian models. In our opinion, this restaurant presents the best architectural concept on board. Pleasing: the very good service. At Casa Nova it is also said: Please reserve early!

À la carte restaurants

In all à la carte restaurants, the following applies: You have to pay for food and drinks. However, the prices are moderate compared to other shipping companies. The dishes are served at the seat.

Chuarrascaria Steakhouse - Deck 8

The restaurant specializes in South American grill specialties.

Churrascaria Steakhouse

Churrascaria Steakhouse

Gourmet Restaurant Rossini - Deck 6

Always a cornerstone of sophisticated cuisine on AIDA ships!

Gourmet restaurant Rossini

Gourmet restaurant Rossini

Cooking Studio - Deck 7

The program item “Cooking as an event” is used here. The shipping company promises "creative cooking courses" as a group experience. In the cooking studio, nutritional advice is also offered.



Sushi House - Deck 6

The Sushi House is aimed at fans of Japanese cuisine.

Sushi house

Sushi house 

Teppanyaki Asia Grill - Deck 6

Another place to enjoy fresh cuisine with an Asian touch.

Teppanyaki Asian Grill

Teppanyaki Asian Grill

Time Machine Restaurant - Deck 6

3-course menus are offered in an imaginative setting. Variety is a must!

Snack Bars – The Street Food Mile – Deck 7

Passengers can get delicious food on hand at “Brot & Stulle”, “Scharfe Ecke” and at the kebab stand. The food stations satisfy hunger in between; they are very welcome to revelers. The meals are eaten standing or in the seating area opposite.

Street food mile

Street food mile

Remarkable bars and lounges at AIDAnova

Sea voyages and lots of free time make you thirsty. We have a total of 17 bars and lounges on board the AIDAnova. We present the bars by deck. Most of it speaks to us; but it is well known that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Deck 6

There are four bars on the 6th deck. They are

Art bar - a multimedia bar embedded in the Art Gallery;

Nova Bar - the central bar at the theatrium;

Rossini Bar - the annex of the gourmet restaurant of the same name;

Tokyo bar - it attracts with the diversity of Asia.

Art bar
Rossini Bar
Tokyo bar
Tokyo bar

Deck 7

They're on this deck

Casino Bar - a part of the casino;

French Kiss Bar - French charm next to the French Kiss brasserie;

Lanai Bar - a sheltered outside bar with awnings on the aft deck;

Box 7 bar - another bar in the vicinity of the theatrium;

Rock Box Bar - Pub atmosphere with live music, mostly rock;

The Cube - an exclusive lounge, bar and discotheque. The Cube is the only place on board where you can party late into the night.

Casino Bar
Lanai Bar
Rock Box Bar
The Cube

Deck 8

This deck is home to the following bars and cafes

Cafe Mare - the coffee bar is the result of a cooperation with Starbucks;

Eisbar - Ice cream from our own production and other items are offered for a fee;

Juicy's - Smoothies & Co. - located in the Body & Soul Sport;

wine shop - the right place for wine connoisseurs and lovers.

Cafe Mare
wine shop

Deck 16, 17 and 18

The three decks offer

5. Element - the outdoor bar behind the Four Elements. (Deck 16);

AIDA bar - the tried and tested star-shaped bar in the Beach Club (deck 16);

AIDA lounge - placed between Beach Club and Four Elements (Deck 17).

5. element
AIDA bar
AIDA bar
AIDA lounge

Even more space for sport and wellness

Body & Soul Sport

The large gym on the 8th deck is superbly done. Also the Sports outdoor area is not without. Athletes can choose from more than 30 offers. A small selection: fitness checks, fitness courses, cardiovascular training, muscle building training, private coaching lessons and more. Some of the courses and services are chargeable. There is also indoor cycling and a large mini golf landscape.

Sports area
Sports area

The closed area of ​​the activity deck Four Elementsfamilies on the 16th deck are especially popular. With the Racer and the Water Slide, AIDAnova has two impressive water slides, a climbing garden and a large LED video wall. The entrance to the water slides is on the 20th deck. The outlets are on the 16th deck. There also have Mini Club, Kids Club and the Wave club of teens their domiciles.

The other day at the Four Elements

The other day at the Four Elements

In the middle section of the AIDAnova, high above the Theatrium, on the 16th and 17th decks of the AIDA Beach Club. During the day there is a relaxed beach atmosphere.

Beach Club by day

Beach Club by day

In the evenings, the Beach Club mutates into a party zone with live music as well as LED and laser shows. - The best mood arises at the "Silent Party". Three DJs play different tracks at the same time. The music can only be heard through illuminated headphones. Each DJ is assigned a specific color, and the participants see what the others are hearing based on the colors. This tempts you to switch from one DJ to another. We are familiar with the concept from other ships; it works everywhere ... and it is anything but "silent".

Show in the beach club

 Show in the beach club

We come to the Sundecks: The sundecks are spacious. Not only loungers, but also cabanas and beach chairs are ideal on days at sea with good weather. Anyone who has got hold of a nice spot defends it for hours without actually using it. Apparently there is a lack of willingness on the part of those responsible to clear away loungers that have not been used for a long time in the interests of other guests. Other cruise companies deal with such grievances more efficiently.



Body & Soul Organic Spa

The AIDAnova wellness heaven measures 3.545 square meters. It is located in the forward area of ​​the ship on decks 7 and 8. There are five different saunas, three jacuzzis, a fireplace room, a warm room called a “tepidarium” and two private wellness suites. The more than 80 treatments on offer are as varied as the day is long.

In the spa

In the spa

Novel entertainment formats

The entertainment program of the AIDAnova is varied and varied. One of the centers of entertainment on board the ship is the three-story Theatrium. It ranges from deck 6 to deck 8. The ship's singers, dancers and artists have five AIDA shows in their program.

Show in the theatrium

Show in the theatrium

On the decks around the theatrium, life goes on during the day and in the evening. The decks are a social meeting point and stage for the "street performers".

That was newly created STUDIO X. AIDA Cruises is the first TV studio to present it at sea. 500 studio guests can attend the production of the shows broadcast on board TV.

Studio X

Studio X

A hotspot for night owls is The Cube. During the day the club is a studio for Cocktail and dance workshops.

Before us The Cube

Before us The Cube

Cruise ships are apparently a suitable place to bring art to lovers. A means to an end is the AIDA art gallery on the 6th deck. 

It's on deck 7 On-board casino. The slot machine casino is well attended on evenings at sea.

In the on-board casino

In the on-board casino

Lanai - another highlight of the AIDAnova

The Lanaideck (decks 7 and 8) spoils you with views and sea air. Both sides of the stern offer the opportunity to stroll, to see and to be seen. Lanai is similar to classic promenade decks. The Lanai Bar, which is very popular on nice days, is located between the two areas.

Lanai Deck with Lanai Bar

Lanai Deck with Lanai Bar

Standards in environmental protection and energy efficiency

Cruise ships are generally a thorn in the side of environmentalists. Above all, ships of the older generation are rightly classified as environmental pollution. The burning of heavy fuel oil is known to cause serious environmental and health problems. As far as this topic is concerned, experts regard the AIDAnova as a model ship for environmental protection and energy efficiency. The dual-fuel ship engines can be operated 100 percent with LNG liquefied natural gas at sea and in port, if it is available. When using LNG, emissions of particulate matter and sulfur oxides are largely avoided and emissions of nitrogen oxides and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. Under normal conditions, dark exhaust plumes above the chimney system are a thing of the past.

Not a dark cloud over the chimney

Not a dark cloud over the chimney

Further technical improvements were also achieved in the hydrodynamics of the underwater hull, heat recovery and water purification.

Design and equipment of the ship

The AIDAprima and AIDAperla were the inspiration for the external appearance. The AIDAnova has also taken over the new, straight ship's bow and the covered forecastle. The ship's design is consistently straightforward. The interior design was designed tastefully. The choice of colors and the materials used testify to the high stylistic and quality requirements of the shipping company.

AIDAnova ship data*


December 2018


Length 337 meters; Width 42 meters


183.900 GT

Number of decks


Machine performance

61.760 kW


37.000 kW

Power Type



17 knots


5.228 with double occupancy




approx. 1.500 employees


Italy, home port Genoa


Meyer shipyard, Papenburg


The Mirza family, Hanau

Board language


Currency on board


*) the technical information is based on shipyard information

Current position AIDAnova

AIDAnova review

In our opinion, AIDA Cruises is presenting the most successful cruise ship in the 13-ship fleet to date with the new building.

AIDAnova is a further development of the AIDAprima and AIDAperla introduced in 2016 and 2017. Compared to the two predecessor ships, the AIDAnova has grown noticeably in size. Passengers must be able to accept more than 5.000 fellow travelers at any time. But the size of the ship is not only exhausting; it also offers individualists enough retreat opportunities on the generously dimensioned ship. Especially outside the holiday season, it is good to endure on board this huge ship.

The variety of restaurants and bars is remarkable. The entertainment on offer, how could it be otherwise at AIDA Cruises, caters to many tastes. And AIDAnova is a ship for the whole family. Passengers who can live with the once-daily cabin service typical of AIDA Cruises in the standard area will like the new flagship very much.

AIDAnova uses the most modern environmental technology in all areas. As a cruise ship, she definitely sets standards.

Tip: We tested the AIDAnova on a Canary Island cruise. You can find an overview of the offers at AIDAnova Canary Islands on our website

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