AIDAprima in the port of Rotterdam


The AIDAprima, which went into service in April 2016, is the first of two Hyperion cruise liners built in Japan. AIDA Cruises, Germany's market leader in cruises, let the AIDAprima and its sister ship AIDAperla from the Mitsubishi shipyard in Nagasaki.

The AIDAprima went into service one year late. Despite the originally unforeseeable delay, the shipyard delivered a very appealing cruise ship. It meets the Rostock shipping company's requirements for “more space, more variety, more individuality than ever”. With regard to ship technology, there are two major innovations to report. Firstly: AIDAprima is no longer operated with heavy oil, which is highly damaging to the environment, but with diesel oil. Second: the ship glides on an air carpet. This reduces the friction under the trunk and saves energy. The fuel requirement is to be reduced by seven percent.

AIDA prima in Rotterdam

AIDAprima in Rotterdam

At 124.100 GT, the AIDAprima is significantly larger than the predecessor ships in the Sphinx class. They only come to around 72.000 GT. The extra tonnage means an increase of around 1.100 passengers per trip.

The AIDAprima was designed as a bad weather ship for year-round use in the changeable Northern European climate. With new ones "Worlds of Experience" the ship itself should become a destination, a year-round destination. AIDAprima spent its first season in Northern Europe.

AIDAprima Beach Club

AIDAprima Beach Club


A total of 1.643 cabins and suites offer space for around 3.300 passengers with double occupancy. The main cabin categories are:

  • Inside cabins (up to 4 people - 16 m²)
  • Outside cabins ("sea view cabins" up to 4 people - 22 to 23 m²)
  • Veranda cabins (up to 4 people - 21 to 27 m²; including veranda 4 to 13 m²). Also available as veranda cabin comfort and veranda cabin deluxe.
  • Junior suites (up to 4 people - 44 to 53 m², including veranda 12 to 16 m²)
  • Suites (up to 4 people - 39 to 115 m²; including private sun deck 11 to 72 m²).
  • Barrier-free cabins (22 cabins - up to 4 people - 22 to 33 m²)

Veranda Cabin 14118 Veranda Cabin Bathroom 14118 Quadruple outside cabin Junior suite for four people


All cabins of the AIDAprima are characterized by a cozy, Nordic cool design. We feel at home straight away. We would like the bathrooms in the standard categories to be bigger. The suite residents are granted additional privileges. These include priority check-in, luggage service on the day of arrival and unlimited access to the AIDA lounge and patio deck. In addition, a concierge is available to assist suite guests if required. An evening turn down service is also offered. Guests in the standard cabins, on the other hand, only see their cabin steward once a day.

 The concierge

The concierge

Food and drink on board

A cruise ship that can accommodate more than 3.000 guests must offer many options. The deck plan of the AIDAprima shows twelve restaurants, three snack bars and fourteen cafés and bars. AIDAprima has gained significantly in this area. The restaurants of the Sphinx class are a weak point compared to the ships of the international competition. In contrast, the concepts of the AIDAprima's on-board restaurants are very different. The guests should discover the new variety of dining options. After all, it doesn't always have to be the popular market restaurant where you eat.

Gourmet restaurant Rossini

Gourmet restaurant Rossini

Buffet restaurants - a small selection of drinks included

Bella donna Restaurant - deck: 6
Italian specialties. The Bella Donna Restaurant is well known from the Sphinx class ships.

East Restaurant - Deck: 6
Asian cuisine. Clear lines; a pleasant restaurant that is also recommended for those guests who do not immediately melt away with Asian cuisine.

Fuego restaurant - Deck: 14
The station for burgers, pizza & Co. 

Markt Restaurant - Deck: 6
The focus is on seasonal freshness; an institution on AIDA ships.

Weite Welt Restaurant - Deck: 7
Country themed evenings are offered, often adapted to the respective destination. 

Bella Donna buffet restaurant East buffet restaurant Fuego buffet restaurant Wide world buffet restaurant


Specialty restaurants with full service - drinks are to be paid for

Brasserie French Kiss - Deck: 7
Fine French specialties. Also a visual benefit for the ship.

Brauhaus - Deck: 7
This offers the hearty delicacies that are already familiar from other AIDA ships.

Ristorante Casa Nova - Deck: 6
Italian goodies. The Venetian style borrowings used in the furnishings are remarkable.

French Kiss specialty restaurant Brauhaus Brauhaus Specialty restaurant Ristorante Casa Nova


À la carte restaurants

The following applies in all à la carte restaurants: The following is payable for food and drinks:

Gourmet restaurant Rossini - Deck: 8
A cornerstone of fine dining.

Cooking studio by Tim Mälzer - Deck: 7
The program item “Cooking as an event” is used here. The remarkable cooking studio has been set up for guests who want to cook socially or improve their cooking skills. The Elmshorn cook and cookbook author Tim Mälzer contributed to the conception.

Steakhouse at Tim Mälzer - Deck: 8
No ship without a steakhouse. There are plenty of grill specialties.

Sushi Bar - Deck: 8
For fans of Japanese cuisine.

Gourmet restaurant Rossini Cooking studio by Tim Mälzer Buffalo Steak House specialty restaurant Sushi Bar


snack bars

Pier 3 Market - Deck: 3
Bistro & Shop.

Scharfe Ecke - Deck: 6
Meeting point for currywurst lovers.

tapas bar - Deck: 6
Small Spanish specialties.

Pier 3 Market Snack Bar Snack Bar Sharp Corner tapas bar


AIDAprima bars and lounges

The range of bars and lounges is no less interesting. From the “Pier 3 Market” to the all-white “Spray Bar by Moët & Chandon”, guests can choose between an abundance of bars. Not everything speaks to us. But it is well known that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

AIDAprima Lanai Bar

AIDAprima Lanai Bar

AIDA bar - Deck: 15
Up next to the Beach Club. The trademark of the bar is the star-shaped counter.

Cafe Mare - Deck: 7

Casino Bar - Deck: 6

Discotheque D6 - Deck: 6

Lanai Bar - Deck: 7

Magnum Pleasure Store - Deck: 7
AIDA Cruises promise: "In the first Magnum Pleasure Store on the sea you can create your personal favorite ice cream".

AIDA bar Cafe Mare Casino Bar Magnum Pleasure Store


Nightfly night club - Deck: 6

Patio bar - Deck: 16

Spray Bar by Moët & Chandon - Deck: 7 (access via Nightfly Deck 6)
No frills, all in white. We would need a lot of the noble drink to get in the mood there.

Sunset Bar - Deck: 8

wine shop - Deck: 8

5. element - Deck: 14

Nightfly night club Spray Bar by Moet & Chandon Vinothek wine bar Great bar


Great bar (Theatrium Bar) - Deck: 6


AIDA lounge - Deck: 8
Exclusive retreat for suite guests

AIDA lounge Patio deck for the suite guests Patio deck for the suite guests Patio deck for the suite guests


Hemingway lounge with library - Deck: 7

Teens Lounge Wave Club - Deck: 15
The meeting point for young guests on board the AIDAprima.

AIDAprima Teens Lounge

AIDAprima Teens Lounge

Sport and wellness

Body & Soul Sport

The sports studio is recommended. Various offers are made to the users of the gym. There is also a small selection: fitness checks, fitness courses, cardiovascular training, muscle building training, private coaching lessons and more. Some courses and services are chargeable. You can use the Sports outside deck the jogging course and the volleyball / basketball field can be used.

In the climbing garden

In the climbing garden

In winter, depending on the route, an ice rink is opened on the outside sports deck. Ice skates of various sizes can be borrowed for a fee. In heavy seas, the ice rink is closed for safety reasons.

The closed area of ​​the Activity deck Four Elements on decks 14, 15 and offers the AIDAprima guests two water slides and a climbing garden. The is further forward on deck 15 AIDA Beach Club. All of this and a "good weather guarantee" are the characteristics of the AIDA family and holiday world. Even a nudist area has been thought of.

AIDAprima climbing garden AIDAprima - water slide offboard Beach Club Beach Club


Body & Soul Organic Spa

The AIDAprima's spa area takes up around 3.100 square meters. It is located on deck 7 in the forward area of ​​the ship. There are five different saunas, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and two sun decks. The treatments offered are as varied as the day is long.

AIDAprima Spa

AIDAprima Spa


The multi-story theatrium, which is indispensable on board AIDA ships, has been further developed. Now it extends from deck 5 to deck 8. Shops and bars are located on decks 6 and 7 of the two-story AIDA Plaza. The plaza is both a social meeting place and a stage for the "street performers". There is also a small on-board casino.

Entertainment on board the AIDAprima

Entertainment on board

Further highlights of the AIDAprima

The Lanaideck (deck 8), reminiscent of classic promenade decks, was laid out on both sides of the ship as a promenade. So-called infinity pools were placed directly on the railing.

Lanai deck

Lanai deck

In the outer areas of the aft the glazed panoramic elevators catch the eye. In addition, two glass skywalks at a height of 15 meters were set up on deck 45 at the stern of the ship. These are small, glass viewing platforms. They cannot withstand a comparison with the Sky Walks of the Royal Class Cruise Ships of the sister brand Princess Cruises.


Panorama elevator in the rear area

Panorama elevator in the rear area

Environmental protection and energy efficiency

The older generation of cruise ships is classified by environmentalists as polluting the environment. It is well known that the burning of heavy oil causes serious environmental pollution. As far as that is concerned, the shipping company relied on constructive measures for the AIDAprima in terms of environmental protection and energy efficiency. The ship's engines no longer burn heavy oil, but diesel oil. Using scrubbers, nitrogen and sulfur oxides are filtered and reduced by up to 99%. AIDAprima is the first cruise ship in the world to have a dual-fuel engine, which allows the constantly running gensets to run on liquid gas in the port. The ship is also prepared for shore power. On land assemblies, the on-board systems are supplied with shore power; as far as ports offer such a service.

In terms of energy efficiency, AIDA Cruises is using MALS technology for the first time in the world in both newbuildings. This lets the ship slide on a carpet of air bubbles. The process saves fuel. The more efficient propulsion system used using two Azipods and the new fuselage design also help reduce fuel consumption.

Apparently the measures are not yet effective enough. The ARD consumer magazine "Plusminus" carried out covert measurements on board the ship in 2017. The tests showed a high concentration of particularly harmful micro-particles. It is concluded from this that the ship is not as clean as the company claims.

Design of the ship

The external appearance of the AIDAprima takes getting used to. At first glance, the novel ship's bow and the covered foredeck irritate the viewer. A second look reveals a consistently straightforward design. The interior of the ship was designed to be tasteful. The choice of colors and the materials used testify to the high stylistic and quality requirements of the shipping company.

The closed front deck of the AIDAprima

The closed front deck of the AIDAprima

Information about the AIDAprima

Commissioning April 2016
Size: Length 300 meters; Width 37,60 meters
measurement 124.100 GT
Passenger decks 15 decks
Machine Diesel-electric, 2 Azipods
Electrical power 46,8 MW
Speed 21,5 knots
passengers  Approx. 3.500 maximum
Staterooms 1.643 
Manning More than 900 persons
Flagge Italy, home port Genoa
shipyard Mitsubishi shipyard, Nagasaki / Japan
Godmother Emma schweiger
Board language German
Currency on board Euro

Current position AIDAprima

Review AIDAprima

Compared to the two previous classes of ships, for which the AIDAcara and the AIDAstella stand, the shipping company has achieved a very good hit with the AIDAprima. Passengers who can live with the limited cabin service typical of AIDA Cruises and the still dominating range of buffet restaurants will like the AIDAprima.

With the AIDAprima, AIDA Cruises offers a cruise ship that has caught up with the ships of the dominant international competitors.

Note: Cruise Turtle tested the AIDAprima on a short trip from Rotterdam to Hamburg.