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Azamara Quest - a premium class cruise ship

Azamara Quest

Under the Azamara Club Cruises brand, the Royal Caribbean Group has had three fine and identical cruise ships in the 14-ton class for 30.000 years. The Azamara brand has belonged to the New York private equity firm Sycamore Partners since spring 2021. The fleet currently includes the 180-meter long ones Azamara Journey, can Azamara Onwardswho have favourited Azamara Pursuit and the Azamara Quest. We report on this ship below. 

Azamara Quest in Hamburg

Azamara Quest in Hamburg

What do the Azamara Club Cruises ships stand for?

The Azamara boutique ships pamper their guests with a stylish “home on the high seas”. This includes: a personal atmosphere, excellent international cuisine with a selection of high-quality drinks included in the tour price.

Mosaic Café on board the Azamara Quest

Mosaic Café on board the Azamara Quest

The ships visit selected destinations and mainly small ports that remain closed to large ships. Often longer lay times or overnight stays are part of the cruises. The highlight of every trip with land programs is the spectacular Azamazing Evening.

Azamazing Evening in Wadi Rum / Jordan

Azamazing Evening in Wadi Rum / Jordan

Dedicated, friendly and professional hosts pamper the predominantly older crowd of guests. A well-equipped fitness center, the best spa experiences and high-quality evening entertainment with live music and information events about the travel destinations complement everyday life on board. For more details on the Miami-based shipping company, please visit Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Quest in everyday cruise life

A trip with the Azamara Quest is required to find out to what extent the expectations raised by the shipping company are met. Azamara Quest is an international ship. Americans, British and Australians make up the largest guest contingents of the maximum 702 passengers (with double occupancy). Germans also choose the remarkable ship. Most of them are repeaters.

Azamara Quest - comfortable loungers on the boat deck

Azamara Quest - comfortable loungers on the boat deck

A note: The language on board is English. Special care for German-speaking travelers is not offered; only the German-language news overview familiar from ships is available.


Since its last stay in the shipyard in 2019, the ship has offered a total of 353 guest cabins for a maximum of 702 guests. Seven cabin categories cover the range on offer. Guests can choose between affordable inside cabins and spacious, luxurious suites. In addition the statement of a suite resident: "It costs darling, it costs". It is due to the age of the ship that the inside, outside and balcony cabins are out of date small. Minisuits and suites offer significantly more space. The 10 top suites were refurnished in 2019 during the dock stay in Singapore.

Azamara Quest - Inside Cabin 6011
Azamara Quest - Outside Cabin 6033
Azamara Quest - balcony cabin
Azamara Quest - Suite 7004 - Furnishing before 2019

The residents of the cabins below the suite area lack nothing. The excellent beds, high-quality duvet covers, fluffy towels, well-known care products and massive patio furniture deserve special mention.

→ Cabins of the Azamara Quest in detail


The kitchen crew, with an average of 65 people, pampers their guests with excellent dishes several times a day. Eat in five restaurants.

Three restaurants included in the price 

Discoveries main restaurant

The classically furnished Discoveries is on deck 5. Guests are served in this restaurant. There is no fixed seating arrangement and fixed table times.

Discoveries restaurant
Discoveries restaurant

Windows Café buffet restaurant

The Windows Café aft on deck 9 is intended for guests who prefer buffet restaurants to restaurants with service. The variety and quality of the dishes are exemplary. Attentive and friendly waiters ensure that tables are cleared and cleaned quickly. In warm regions, the sheltered outdoor terrace of the Sunset Bar adjoining the Windows Café is used as an additional restaurant area.

Windows Café buffet restaurant
Windows Café buffet restaurant
Windows Café buffet restaurant - a selection of smoked fish
Windows Café buffet restaurant - outside area

The Patio pool restaurant

The pool restaurant The Patio, located in front of the Windows Café, is an outdoor restaurant for the "little hunger in between". Like the great restaurants of the Azamara Quest, it offers excellent, limited-offer services. But nobody needs to go without the meat from the cow or other delicacies.

The pool grill

The pool grill

Two specialty restaurants at extra charge

Prime C and Aqualina

Both specialty restaurants are located aft on deck 10. These ship areas were also refurbished during their stay in the shipyard in 2019. The Prime C mainly offers steak variations; In the Aqualina, high-class Mediterranean specialties are served. Both restaurants are open to suite guests at no extra charge. The other guests pay a "cover charge" for access. Money well invested, for example, is the “3 Table Tour” package. For 70 US dollars, guests dine once in the Prime C and in the Aqualina and a third time of their choice in one of the two. The quality and service of both locations exceed the already excellent range of the Discoveries restaurant.

Azamara Quest - Prime C Restaurant - before 2019

Azamara Quest - Prime C Restaurant - before 2019

On-board catering is a pleasure at all times of the day. The bottled wines included in the price are definitely good. Beer drinkers are served well-known international beers in bottles or on tap. Cocktail lovers receive a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Average consumers - to whom we count ourselves - do not incur additional expenses for beverages. Coffee specialties are also part of the standard offer.

Azamara Quest -Aqualina Restaurant - before 2019

Azamara Quest -Aqualina Restaurant - before 2019

Bars and lounges

In addition to the Mosaic Café, the Azamara Quest has seven different, tastefully furnished bars and lounges. Every guest quickly finds “his” favorite place. Compared to the Azamara ships, the TUI Cruises “Premium All Inclusive” bar list offers even more drink options; The Azamara offer is definitely enough for “home use”. Incidentally, it is not an empty promise by the shipping company: On the third day of the trip, most of the bartenders internalized the standard drink requests of their guests.

Mosaic Café
Living room lounge
Cabaret Lounge
Bar in front of the Discoveries restaurant

→ Bars and lounges of the Azamara Quest in detail

Sport, entertainment and wellness 

In terms of area, the sporting facilities of the Azamara Quest does not match the huge floating holiday resorts that were recently put into service. Even the Sanctum Spa does not shine with overflowing surfaces. In terms of quality, what is offered in both areas stands up to any comparison. Passengers will find the sports area and the spa on deck 9 in front of the front stairwell. The Sanctum Spa Terrace is an intimate outdoor area. Another sport on offer includes an extremely short jogging track. If you use it, you have to run 13 times to get one mile (1.852 meters).

Fitness Center
Sanctum Spa
Sanctum SpaTerrace
Sun deck and the jogging track on deck 10

To relax, guests choose the beautiful pool deck, the sun deck or the boat deck. We find the thick cushions on the sun loungers very pleasant.

Azamara Quest Sun Deck

Azamara Quest Sun Deck

Although the Azamara Quest does not shine for its sheer size, the guests will find a versatile one Unterhaltungsprogramm required. A regular crew of first-class singers and dancers frames the themed shows in the Cabaret Lounge.

Cabaret Lounge - singer

Cabaret Lounge - singer

Guest artists come on board repeatedly for short appearances. Viewed in this way, the entertainment program, which is geared towards international needs, is as varied as on significantly larger cruise ships.

A stay in the library is enjoyable and relaxing. The former, small casino has given way to "The Den Lounge". In English "Den" stands for cave or hiding place. The Den is anything but a cave. The newly created lounge is an attractive meeting point on the 5th deck.

The Drawing Room - the library

The Drawing Room - the library

On-board events include a "White Night". This takes place at acceptable temperatures on the pool deck. The "Azamazing Evening". The play on words from "Azamara" and "Amazing" (fantastic) indicates the course of the evening. Azamazing Evenings take place at selected destinations. These include the Titanic Museum in Belfast, a visit to the Berbers in Wadi Rum / Jordan or the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. In these places, the ship's guests experience excellent entertainment programs.

White Night in Haifa
White Night in Haifa - accompanied by a folk dance group
Azamazing Evening - ride on the dromedary
Azamazing Evening - Bedouins and ship passengers in rows
Sweet buffet for White Night
Chocolate buffet for White Night
White Night buffet
Fruit for the White Night in Haifa

→ Azamara Quest sports and wellness offers in detail

→ The Azamara Quest entertainment in detail

Service & manners

The service on board the Azamara Quest is exemplary. The cabin stewards, the waiters in the serving and buffet restaurants, the sommeliers, the pool boys, the captain and his officers, the on-board security staff, and other contact persons are friendly and extremely helpful. As we suspect, this is due not least to the interaction between the officers and the crew. No loud word, no noticeable impatience, no imperious gestures make the difference to other ships. When was the last time we saw a restaurant boss quickly serve a table or support a table waiter according to the motto “take something with you by the hand”?

Azamara Club Cruises - Captains to touch

Azamara Club Cruises - Captains to touch

Azamara Quest facts and figures

The Azamara Quest was delivered to the former cruise line "Renaissance Cruises" in the French Saint Nazaire in 2000. After the company went bankrupt in 2001, the Royal Caribbean Group took over the ship along with the Azamara Journey. Royal Caribbean used it at the Spanish subsidiary Pullmantur Cruises. The Azamara Quest later came under the umbrella of the newly established brand "Azamara Club Cruises" together with the Azamara Journey.

Azamara Quest in the port of Aqaba

Azamara Quest in the port of Aqaba

In order to meet the demands of the upper premium class, the ship was extensively rebuilt in 2007 at Blohm + Voss in Hamburg. After the redesign, it started a worldwide career under its current name Azamara Quest. The ship underwent further beauty treatments in 2012, 2016 and 2019.

The equipment is dignified and contemporary. The balcony quota is 80 percent. Bars, lounges and restaurants are generously sized. Outside the cabins, there is an adequate amount of space available to each passenger.

Information about the Azamara Quest


July 2000


Length 180 meters; Width 25 meters


30.277 GT

Passenger decks

8 decks


diesel-electric, 4 Wärtsilä engines


18,5 knots





Including suites

42 (including mini-suites)


408 people




Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire

Recently renovated

2019 in Singapore

Board language


Currency on board

U.S. dollar

Current position of Azamara Quest

Conclusion and evaluation of the ship

The Azamara Quest delivers what the shipping company promises. It is a cruise ship far removed from the usual international mass business.

Azamara ships are definitely not family ships. The Azamara Quest and its sister ships are mostly used by couples in their prime. There are no children's clubs and similar facilities on board. The permanent sound system in the public areas, which is now used by larger cruise ships, is dispensed with and nobody is disturbed.

Azamara Quest - pool deck

Azamara Quest - pool deck

The Azamara Quest is an impressively styled and superbly managed ship. Her condition is excellent. It is one of the best cruise ships we know. We regret that Azamara Club Cruises fleet consists of only four ships.

Azamara Club Cruises has been owned by the New York private equity firm Sycamore Partners since spring 2021. The change in ownership may mean that the service content on board the ship will change in the future.

Update September 2022